The SSC Tuatara Is Back With Another ‘Record’ Run, Claiming A 295mph Top Speed

However, the ‘record’ won’t be officially recognised due to technicalities

SSC Confirms Tuatara Never Got Over 300mph

In an Instagram post, SSC said it was ‘truly heartbroken’ not to break the 300mph barrier in its controversial top speed run last year

The SSC Tuatara Aggressor Has 2200bhp For Ultimate Hypercar Bragging Rights

SSC has announced two new Tuatara derivatives - the aero-focused Striker and the track-only Aggressor

SSC Tuatara Hits 286mph In Top Speed Record Re-Run

SSC ran its Tuatara hypercar at the Kennedy Space Center, hitting a top speed of 286mph and a record-breaking average of 282mph

SSC Tuatara To Rerun Top Speed Attempt Following Footage Doubts, CEO Confirms

Jerod Shelby has confirmed in a video statement that SSC will go for the top speed record a second time with multiple GPS tracking units

Dewetron Says It 'Neither Approved Nor Validated' The SSC Tuatara's Run (UPDATE: SSC Confirms Editing 'Mix-Up')

Austrian company Dewetron has said it was not directly involved in SSC's claimed 331mph run, despite claims in a press release from the latter

SSC Stands By Tuatara's 331mph Video Amid Claims Of Discrepancies

After high-profile YouTubers began to claim the SSC Tuatara’s supposed world record-setting top speed run might not be what it seems, SSC has responded – although not entirely directly

3 Other Records The SSC Tuatara Smashed During Its 300mph+ Runs

While becoming the world's fastest production car during its sensational run in Nevada, the Tuatara broke three additional records

Watch The SSC Tuatara Sprint From 60-120mph In 2.5 Seconds

SSC has released a video showing an incredible pull from 40 to 140mph, which is over incredibly quickly

Here's The SSC Tuatara Driving Really, Really Fast On A Closed Road

SSC has released a video of its 1750bhp hypercar blasting down a closed road in Washington state

The 1000mph Bloodhound SSC Project Isn't Dead After All

Despite appearing to be doomed, the Bloodhound land speed record effort has been saved

This Is What The SSC Tuatara’s 1750bhp V8 Sounds Like

SSC has released a video showing the Tuatara’s 5.9-litre twin-turbo V8 in testing, and it sounds pretty mean

Is The Race For 300mph The Last Frontier Of Road Car Pointlessness?

A handful of niche hypercar makers are chasing 300mph, but beyond the chance to boast to your rich friends I’m struggling to see the point

SSC Is ‘The Only Car Maker With A Shot At Topping 300mph'

The CEO of SSC North America reckons the 1750bhp Tuatara is the only car with a realistic chance of making it past 300mph