New Jeep Wrangler Gets 1 Star Crash Test Rating, Fiat Panda Scores 0

It was a poor showing for FCA products in the latest round of Euro NCAP crash tests, with the ageing Panda scoring zero and the new Wrangler managing just one star

You Can't Help But Love A Fiat Cinquecento With A 1400cc Superbike Engine

This Cinquecento is powered by a high-revving inline-four from the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R

The Euro NCAP Zero-Star Fiat Punto Has Been Axed

It’s the end of the line for the Punto, which has been on sale for 13 years before being dishonourably discharged and shuffled into retirement

Sergio Marchionne, The Man Who Saved Fiat And Chrysler, Has Died

The man who completed two incredible turnarounds for Fiat, and later Chrysler, bringing both from the brink of collapse back into profit, has died following complications from surgery

Someone Cut The Roof Off This Fiat 500 And It’s Spectacularly Cute

Garage Italia has created this one-off 500 ‘Spiaggina’ to coincide with a new limited edition version of the car from Fiat itself

The Abarth 500 Is The Sub-£5000 Fiat We Can't Help But Love

Fiat surprised the world with the Abarth 500, and it's still an absolute hoot to drive today. With cared-for examples now well under £5000, it's time to take note

Witness The Fury Of A 600bhp, AWD Fiat Coupe

This 16-valve Fiat Coupe has been given an all-wheel drive conversion, and a stupid amount of boost

The Fiat Punto Just Received A Zero Star Euro NCAP Crash Test Rating

Euro NCAP has re-tested the ancient Punto - which is still on sale - using modern criteria, and it hasn't gone well...

You Can Now Buy A Fiat 500L That Was Used By the Pope

After one of the two Fiat 500Ls that were used by the Pope during a US visit in September 2015 was sold for $82,000 last year, the other is now up for charity auction as well

This Is The Maddest, Baddest Fiat 500 In The World

This rear-wheel drive, ultra-wide Fiat 500 has a mid-mounted engine from an Alfa 4C, 350bhp and push-rod suspension, as well as a price tag that will make you wince

Chinese Firm Great Wall Wants To Buy Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Great Wall Motors has announced its interest in purchasing all or part of FCA, in a deal of potentially historic proportions

How Does The Fiat 124 Spider Compare To The Mazda MX-5?

Despite being essentially the same car as the MX-5 underneath, the 124 Spider has a different engine and chassis setup. Motor Trend's Jason Cammisa thought he'd try and find out which he prefers, but that's not an easy question to answer...

The Stunning Fiat 124 Coupe Could Be With Us In 2017

After the launch of the MX-5 RF hardtop concept, it seems Fiat is following suit with its 124 coupe

This Fiat Seicento Never Stood A Chance Against A Volvo

After rear-ending a Volvo XC70 on a Polish motorway, this little Fiat Seicento is destined for the scrapyard. The Volvo, however? Tis but a scratch!