Behold The 1198bhp Austro Daimler Bergmeister ADR 630 Shooting Grand

Combining wildly powerful Mercedes plug-in hybrid technology and a confusingly terrible name, the ADR 630 Shooting Grand is Austria’s mighty new supercar

Volkswagen, BMW And Daimler Funded Emissions Testing On Monkeys

Volkswagen has been forced to apologise after revelations that one of its cars was used for testing diesel emissions on monkeys, as part of experiments funded by the German 'big three'

Aston Martin Just Recalled All DB11s Over A Faulty Daimler Steering Column

Almost 4000 cars have been recalled by Aston Martin due to a faulty part supplied by Daimler

Daimler Accused Of Wrecking Rented Tesla Model X During Tear-Down

Daimler rented a privately-owned Model X and then subjected it to a barrage of punishing tests and tear-downs, apparently leaving it a ruin of what it used to be

Police Called To Daimler AGM After Frankfurter Altercation

A dispute involving Wiener Würstchen sausages at a Daimler meeting in Berlin resulted in the police being called