Praga, The Czech Carmaker You’ve Never Heard Of, Is Releasing A Hypercar

Praga is known for its aeroplanes, trucks and a sole production sports car, but will now release an upcoming hypercar.

There's A New BAC Mono And It's Even More Powerful

The Briggs Automotive Company has unveiled its next-generation Mono, with less weight and even more power

The New BAC Mono One Pays Homage To [Checks Notes] A Bjork Video

The run-out special for the first-generation Mono includes a nod to Icelandic musician Bjork, whose music video inspired the original design

This Is The Single-Seater, 340bhp BAC Mono R

Only 30 examples of the 340bhp Mono R are being built - and they have all been snapped up.

The 100th BAC Mono Is A Thing Of Beauty

The 100th BAC Mono ever made has been delivered to the Strøjer Samlingen car museum in Denmark

The Isle Of Man Now Has A BAC Mono Police Car

In the latest chapter of the BAC-IOM love story, the island's roads policing unit has just taken delivery of a Police-spec Mono, and it really is going to be used...

The Isle Of Man Is Closing The Awesome TT Course For A BAC Experience Weekend

Just 20 of BAC's best customers are travelling to the famous island, where they'll get to thrash a fleet of Monos around closed, de-restricted and fully marshalled mountain roads. Envy is happening

BAC Is Setting Up Shop In America With Official OEM Facilities

Soon American buyers will be able to enjoy factory backup for their Mono, courtesy of a head office and dealer network on US soil

The BAC Mono 'Marine Edition' Is The Answer To The Most Ridiculous First World Problem Ever

Ever wanted a car suitable for storage aboard a super yacht? BAC has the answer...

Can A Lightweight BAC Mono Beat The Mighty McLaren P1 On Track?

Massive power against the pinnacle of lightweight motorsport engineering: which car are you putting your money on?

This Well-Driven BAC Mono Gives A McLaren P1 Hypercar A Run For Its Money At Silverstone

A BAC Mono driven by Formula Renault 3.5 driver Oliver Webb chases a McLaren P1 with supercar collector Paul Bailey at the wheel