Mia Toretto Ties The Knot With Fast And Furious Themed Wedding

Fast and Furious actress Jordana Brewster got married recently, with the wedding featuring her character’s Acura Integra and Dom’s Mazda RX-7

Integra Type R Auction Silliness Continues As 19k Example Sells For $73k

A 19k-mile 2000 Acura Integra Type R DC2 has sold for $73,000 on an online auction and that’s not even the record

Acura Has Launched Its Own Anime And You Can Watch It Now

Acura's four-part anime 'Chiaki’s Journey' aims to promote the brand's Type S line-up

The All-New Acura Integra Is Pretty Much A Honda Civic Si In A Hatchback Suit

Acura has revealed a prototype version of the new Integra, which from the sounds of it is a reskinned Civic Si

New Acura Integra Confirmed As Five-Door Hatchback In Teaser

The revival of the Honda/Acura Integra badge will involve a "premium sport compact with striking five-door design"

The Acura NSX Type S Looks Predictably Brilliant With A Retro Motul Livery

Lubricants company Motul has (digitally) draped a retro-inspired inspired livery on the NSX run-out special, with very agreeable results

Crashing Your Acura Integra Type R After Selling It For $50k Is A Bitter Pill To Swallow

Oof. A Texas man has totalled his Acura Integra Type R on ‘one last drive’ before it changed hands

Meet The Acura NSX That Sold For $277,000

An NSX Zanardi Edition has sold in the US for well over a quarter of a million dollars

Want A Low-Mileage Acura NSX With A Dealer-Fitted Supercharger?

This NSX - up for online auction via RM Sotheby's - is barely used, and has a dealer-installed Comptech supercharger kit

The Acura Type S Concept Is A Sports Saloon The World Needs Now

The Type S concept previews the next TLX while signalling the return of the Type S badge to production vehicles

This 10.6-Litre, Twin-V8 Acura RSX Is A Jaw-Dropping 1700hp Project

When it comes to building a car into something else, anything is possible with the right attitude, tools and determination – as this RSX with two V8s shows

A Barely-Used Acura Integra Type R Just Fetched $64k At Auction

An Acura-branded version of the Honda legend went under the hammer for an extraordinary price in Las Vegas at the weekend

Acura Has Issued Two Safety Recalls For The NSX

Almost 1000 Acura NSXs have been recalled in the US for two faults, one of which could cause a fire

Can An Acura NSX Beat A Tesla Model S P100D On The 'Strip?

This intriguing drag race pits the triple-motor hybrid NSX against Tesla's most powerful Model S