582bhp AC Schnitzer G80 BMW M3 Arrives With 130kg Extra Downforce

AC Schnitzer's treatment for the new M3 involves a big uplift in power and a whole load of functional aero devices

Bugatti Wants You To Know The Chiron's A/C Is Strong Enough To Cool An Apartment

Bugatti's latest brag about its hypercars concerns the air conditioning compressors, which are apparently strong enough to cool a big apartment

The AC Brand Is Being Relaunched With Inline-Four And Electric-Powered Cobras

The AC Cobra is officially back, although you won't find a V8 under the bonnet of this new version

AC Schnitzer Has Built A Near-600bhp BMW X3 M

BMW's new super SUV can now be treated to a range of upgrades launched by German tuner AC Schnitzer

The New BMW Z4 Has Been Given A 400bhp AC Schnitzer Makeover

Following the reveal of its worked-over GR Supra, AC Schnitzer has revealed a fettled version of the Toyota's sister car

Famed BMW Tuner AC Schnitzer Has Modified The A90 Toyota Supra

AC Schnitzer now offers a range of styling and performance upgrades for the Z4-based GR Supra

AC Schnitzer Will Make Your BMW 5-Series Touring Less Subtle And More Powerful

The legendary BMW tuner now offers bodykits for both the G30 5-series saloon and G31 Touring

Zenos Cars Isn't Dead Yet, Because AC Cars Has Stepped In

News has emerged that a consortium led by AC Cars, makers of the Cobra, have bought Zenos Cars with a view to streamlining production