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Suzuki Swift Sport 62 Plate
Suzuki Optional Extra Body Kit
Jap Size Front Reg Plate
Blitz SUS Induction Kit

My first car! Yay!
Not the best pictures, but I just wanted to share it with my fellow CT Petrolheads.
I know it is not the best, and yes I would like to own a GTI or a R32 but at the moment I am not able to pay that much for a car. In the future, I have a big list of cars that I want to own as most of us petrolheads do, and I hope I will own the most of them.

2.2 turbo with the Eco which when pushed will let it do a full 70mph (68 when Eco is on)

Got it as a winter beater but ended up loving it so much that I now use it as a daily driver.

just got today 10/04/2015

1995 mustang GT saphire blue, 5 speed, eibach lower springs, eiback sway bars, new upper and lower control arms, 3.73 gear swap, svt rims. alphine stereo and speakers with remote control, new fuel pump, CAI, MSD coil, and a short throw shifter.

It has 208,000 miles but it ran like a top. i bought it for 3800 which is alot for the miles but the mods and the fact that literaly an old lady drove it. it was setup for autocross but never got a chance on the track. and if i ever wanted to sell it i could just mark up the price a decent amount and hope someone jumps on it.

1998 Volvo s90 that I purchased this past June with only 97k miles on it.

EcuTEK Tune
Perrin non-resonated cat-back exhaust
Grimspeed Cold Air Intake
Gold XXR527’s
Cusco Strut Brace + Booster Support
BC Racing V1 Coilovers
Agency Power Rear End Links
Raceseng Reverse Lockout and COBB Gear Knob
Perrin Shorty Antenna
Grimspeed “86 logo” oil cap