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VW Polo GTI, what mods/upgrades?

Looking to buy a 1.4 Polo GTI which has 180 standard bhp but am looking to remap it and change the exhaust, I also want to lower it ( not slam it though ) and black it all out… Need lists of things to do to it as well, if you have any suggestions or whatever leave me a comment :)

Help with VW Polo

Hey guys recently my parents bought me a vw polo 2007 year but it is 1.4 engine, so i wonder if someone could tell me how can i make it faster if possible. Tnx

What are you guys paying for your Polo insurance in your country? Comment your age and engine size too!

VW POLO 1.0 6n2 as first car?

Hi there;

Been wondering what a VW POLO 6n2 with the 1.0 engine would be like as a first car. As I live in the U.K, I was wondering if it would be good insurance wise? Anyone willing to help, give any facts; statistics on them, (or straight hate on my stupidity,) I would really appreciate it!


How quickly can the latest Polo GTI overtake? (faster than you might think...)

How quickly can the new Polo GTI Overtake? The importance of TORQUE

YouTube / Gassed Up

Introduce yourself and post a picture of your Polo!