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Loud ticking noise in my golf, came on while I was driving and is very worrisome, anyone know what’s wrong?

337 Swap info needed

I’ve got a VW MK4 337 that’s been in the family for about 16 years. This car is now my baby and I’m cherishing it with all I got. It’s got plenty of pep to it and I’m not looking to make it any faster. However, I worry for the near future… with 240K+ miles, not sure how much longer the engines got. It’s still running perfectly smooth with an even idle, but you never know. For when the engine will eventually putter out, I was thinking about putting a VR6 into the front sourced directly from a Golf R32 of the same generation. I am aware of the weight drawbacks and monetary concerns and such, but given that I have the same body style, chassis, etc of the R32 minus the AWD System and a few other things, I was wondering if anybody could give me info on wether or not a swap like this is doable without cutting through the firewall and being a huge hassle.

Currently has a 1.8T
Upgraded suspension from factory
More free flowing exhaust from factory
Would source the engine from the MK4 R32

Needing insight on putting in the VR6 from the R32 MK4 into the bay of a VW 337

Any insight would be much appreciated <3

My new project car, watch this space. Engine transplant, body kit, rims, drop suspension and new interior on its way🤘🏼

My new project car, watch this space. Engine transplant, body kit, rims, drop suspension and new interior on its way🤘🏼 - Volkswagen Golf (Mk4) Forum

V5 brakes

Any V5 owners on here that can tell me their rear brake specs?
I had new ones (calipers, discs, and pads) fitted for the MOT, and the old crusty knackered ones were fairly thin, solid discs. The new ones are thick ventilated jobbies (happy days!!), just wondered what other people have got, and what was fitted as standard?

P0322 Ignition/Distributor Engine Speed Input Circuit No Signal

Dose anyone know what cable/sensor and where I need to change in my 1,6 mk4? Or where is the most common to fail?

Changing the timing belt

1st - I’m a student so I’m broke, so letting a mechanic do it for me isn’t a option 😂
But just wondering how easy it is to change the timing belt on a mk4? Mines a sohc, I’ve heard that’s easier..
But apart from a torque wrench is there anything else I’d need? I’ve got the Haines Manual, but any other resources, tips and hints U guys have would be appreciated!?

Also should I do the water pump while I’m there?