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Ownership update vlog with my modified 86!

Do I Still Love my GT86 8 Months Later?

YouTube / Jordz

Need advice

I am currently looking at buying a 1996 Nissan Skyline R33 gtst. The car needs some work but I am willing to put the time and effort into the repairs. This will be my first car so I am hoping that someone will be able to advise me on the purchase. It is listed at €3700 which is below the price of other ones selling in my country. Keep in mind that this is NOT the GTR but the GTST. Should I buy it or not?

I've got a cool car idea. U WILL SO WANT THIS!

It will be a small, super light kit car (like a cateram.) But will have a targa roof, a boot and a 3 rotor 20B inspired turbo engine and will be able to DRIFT like a BOSS. It will also be designed around a triangle theme like an RX8. The car will be called the Mantio Boa R3S.

For Sale: 4WD Honda Civic Wagon with a DOHC ZC Inline-Four

For Sale: 4WD Honda Civic Wagon with a DOHC ZC Inline-Four - Tuning

You won't believe how much power you can add to a hum drum 350 Chevy with a budget intake manifold, camshaft and cylinder heads...

Best Cheap Chevy 350 Mods—Dyno-Proven! - Engine Masters Ep. 24

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1jz E30

Hi everyone
I have an E30 325i manual and want to do a 1jz vvti engine swap.
Do any of you know what i need to completr my build…i know that a bellhousing(adapterplate) will be needed, but what engine mounts and stuff like that will I need? :