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A lil help pls

I am currently in the process of replacing my front sway bar on my 91 pickup but it seems to get stuck when all the bolts are out. If anyone has done this repair I would like some solutions.

New NRG steering wheel and eBay special 5speed shift knob

 New NRG steering wheel and eBay special 5speed shift knob - Toyota Hilux Forum

When a Toyota Hilux rescue mission goes from bad to worse!

4x4 Recovery Goes Seriously Wrong PART 2 - What Happens Next?

YouTube / All 4 Adventure

Hilux Common Problems

Turbo Issues

Lack of power and black smoke coming from the exhaust are a few symptoms. You may also hear a different noise coming from the turbo. This issue is usually caused by a split pipe connected to the intercooler. This issue will result …

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Why we love our 22r-re trucks and 4Runners

1988 Toyota Pickup Running on BLOWN Engine

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It's a strange feeling being overtaken by your own rear wheel at 60kph. It's OK, we were only in the centre of the Namib desert, 3 hours from the nearest town, with the danger of lions eating us.

I might get a 4runner for a daily driver, anything I should know/look out for?

Toyota Hilux off road test

2017 Toyota Hilux off road test (4K)

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This video makes me want a Hilux now


YouTube / 4x4 MORExtreme

Top speeds

Was cruising home tonight and when I got to a nice long straight I floored it, best I got to was about 82 mph (132 kph). What’s the best you’ve got to? I got a ‘90 22re with 5 speed and 31-in tires