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BMW 320d Series M Sport G20 Review! Worthy of the 3 Series Name?

2019 BMW 320d M Sport Review // Worthy Of The 3 Series Name?

YouTube / The Euro Car Show

Stylish, Practical and Economical... How About A GRMN Version? #TOYOTA


YouTube / The Euro Car Show

Top Gear's review of the new Supra was really nice, but it missed a few major points.

Top Gear's review of the new Supra was really nice, but it missed a few major points. - Top Gear

New Top gear opinion.

As someone who is from the same town as paddy (Bolton) I am enjoying having some northerners on the show they seem to be glueing together as each episode goes on, I didn’t really watch top gear after the original 3 left but now I’ve started it from the new series (27) however I feel like it would be better ( in my opinion) if they just did hour long challenges such as the budget electric car, the ‘overtaker’ and their first cars, if they cut out the interviews and the 300K cars going round the track I would admit that top gear would be better than grand tour as I’ve gone back to the skip half an episode like I did with original top gear and grand tour.

What is your opinion

Freddy and Paddy legit bully harrris a bit. They pick on him lol. Kinda feel sorry

Bmw meeting drift/burnout arena

Drift Arena/Bmw Fest Soltvadkert 2017

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What’s your favorite top gear quote of all time or moment in general from top gear

I'm gonna be watching every single episode of Classic Top Gear on Netflix right up until the end of Series 22. The nostalgia trip is going to be insane.

Top Gear defined:
Pre 2002 - Old Top Gear
2002 - 2015 - Classic Top Gear
Series 23 - The dark times
Series 24 - present New Top Gear

I'm really excited for next week's Top Gear, Paddy McGuiness said on Instagram that it's going to be an electric car special!

Watching new Top Gear right now, I'm liking it but I can't help but feel like they're trying too hard to push Chris as the new Richard Hammond.


The Cars of Series 27 | NEW Top Gear Trailer

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