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Jeremy Clarkson reviewing Kei cars. Some Mitsubishi, Daihatsu Mira, Honda Beat (Warning: bad hair)

Marty's Mira in test. Jeremy Clarkson about Daihatsu Mira TURBO and Honda BEAT KEI CARS

YouTube / ClassicCarsClips

God how I miss top gear.

It was really the only bbc show I liked.Now its dead.All we need is a reboot and we are all set.

I started to choke on water watching this. (At 6:26)

James May

YouTube / Ove Bakken

I’m at the dentist and watching top gear from 2006

I’m at the dentist and watching top gear from 2006 - Top Gear

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1989 top gear i think on rhe skoda favorit

ŠKODA Favorit in TOP GEAR 1989

YouTube / Weigel

A sublime clip from Top Gears YouTube page.

Ferrari 250 LM At Goodwood Revival - Chris Harris Drives - Top Gear

YouTube / Top Gear

Ancient Top Gear episode from 1983. One of the presenters learning evasive driving.

Bodyguard Driver Training In Ford Granadas

YouTube / JCR Garage

MY #1 Fav Top Gear Episode

The Ashes Challenge Part 2 - Top Gear - BBC

YouTube / Top Gear