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Who is the next trio

So the trio we grew up with are old and seem like there close to there retirement what and who will be the replacement be I want another top gear crew

Is no one here going to mention that season 4 just relased?

The first episode in TGT's new batch of specials will drop on 13 December and feature an epic boat trip on the Mekon Delta

Here's Your First Look At 'The Grand Tour Presents: Seamen' - Clarkson & Co's Latest Special - The Grand Tour
Here's Your First Look At 'The Grand Tour Presents: Seamen' - Clarkson & Co's Latest Special

It's the Seamen

The Grand Tour Presents: Seamen - Official Trailer

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Just watched the finally

This is possibly one of the saddest moments in my life, al the times it’s just been my dad and I for any meal, we watched either top gear or the grand tour. This is heartbreaking. Yes, I know they will keep doing road trips but still,, this odd sad😭

SPOILERS! Jeremy Clarkson in tears as he says goodbye to TGT Tent

Emotional Jeremy Clarkson bids farewell to Grand Tour Tent

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It's the end of an era

17 years of non stop laughs came to an end tonight/today. so what’s your favorite episodes and memories from top gear and the grand tour? for me the 24h race and the senna tribute were my favorite share yours below

Is the Season 3 the best Season?Read full post!

I think it is because the celebrity segment has been removed and they have more time to do adventures.That is my opinion of you have something to say please say it I want to hear your opinion.

May changes dust caps

James May’s Unpimp My Ride: Ferrari 308 GTB


Homely Recreational Vehicles

when they were near the scrapyard, why did they not fix the suspension and throttle linkage on JC’s landyacht?