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Why lowered cars suck.

I love lowered cars.
There’s no car I ever owned (just two lol), which wasn’t lowered.

But in between this enjoyment of a better ride, look and some fun, there are some severe disadvantages.

If the car is low enough, you can get a lot of problems. In the area I am around, it basically doesn’t make sense to drive a lowered car.

The streets have a lot of speedbumps, which are high and super steep. This forces you to be the idiot, who goes with less than 10km/h (~6mph) over a such bump (except you wanna lose your oil pan). And because one of these bump isn’t enough, you often get a second one, at about 50 meters after. And because this isn’t enough, you get an elevated pedestrian crossing.
And even if these bumps are were marked well with a huge amount of white paint: This paint does vanishes over time. This makes it easy to not notice one bump until it’s too late. Especially at night.
Long story short: You have to be slow and you will receive a lot of hate.
Another problem I face a lot of times is, that I can’t take the drive in to a lot of burger places. The ramps would ruin my bumper and underbody. (I learned it the hard way, but after your third time scratching you know which ramp to take)
And trying to make your friends understand that they have to get out of the car to get their food, is always hard.
One thing I never really thought of is related to the curb. Imagine having the perfect parking spot, but the curb is too high for the passenger door to open. It’s not nice to hear a loud bang coming from your door. Gotta look out for something like that too.

My main message here is, that you will be restricted in your movement with the car a lot.

And even tho I complain a lot sometimes:
I will enjoy and continue driving lowered cars for a looooong time.

#ВДОХНОВЛЁННЫЕ - Volkswagen Jetta mk1 Coupe 1981 (Документальный фильм)

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45mm drop not that low, cause It is my dayly and it snows In here. it needs wider rear lips and small stuff.

45mm drop not that low, cause It is my dayly and it snows In here. it needs wider rear lips and small stuff. - Stance