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Need some help with instrument panel

I want to install a new instrument panel as my speedometer isn’t working, just wanted to know if when I install a new instrument panel if some coding needs to be done for the new one. Thanks


Clio 2’s cupholders are crap.
Change my mind!

Also here, Looking for advice how to fix them.

so last week i was surprised of how much mpg i got from my little Clio. I got an awesome 58mpg (UK). Any of you guys managed to get that much? Is it normal?

farewell to the clio... hello to decent power and sketchy engines

farewell to the clio... hello to decent power and sketchy engines  - Renault Clio MK2 Forum

Time to stay goodbye to the Clio. Or is it?

Well boys. The time has come. I have just been given my company car. The Clio is not worth selling and really I don’t want to sell it. I’ve rallied it. Raced it. Had some of the best fun in my life in my little 1.4 Clio.
The Clio is currently sat in the compound for our new cars we haven’t sold yet and will soon be brought back to my house. I have two options. 1) let it sit as a spare car in case one of my families cars break down. Or 2) take it to track days. And rag it until a piston starts jumping up and down on the bonnet. I’m pretty sure I know what I’m gonna do.
I’ve had too much fun in this car. Non of it legal. And I intend to have much more fun in it.
Any requests on what u would like me to do in my little piece of scrap that I love so much will be appreciated

Engine mounts


I was wondering if Any of you could tell me where i can check the engine mounts on My 1,2 8v clio from 2007, engine is called d7f i think.
Sometimes when i let go of the clutch the engine shakes more than normally and I thought that could be the engine/tranny mounts.

Thanks in advance


Guys I need help with my 2002 1.2 lt 16 valve clio. It has 210.000 km’s and lately it makes a weird sound, like something is shaking, during a cold start and while reversing. Also it throws a ckeck engine light. I think it might be something at the exhaust system. Any help?

Hey Guys, I am thinking what should be my first mod to my Clio II 1.4 16V. Any suggestions?