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Took my911 to the Warren this morning for a nice cars and coffee

Took my911 to the Warren this morning for a nice cars and coffee  - Porsche 911 Forum

Autobahn Showdown Porsche 911 997 Carrera S vs BMW M135i #Porsche

Autobahn Showdown Porsche 911 997 S Convertible vs BMW M135i +170-250 DriveAnalyser RaceRender [4k]

YouTube / markymark666 RaceRender Videos

looking for a generous owner🙏🏼❤️

Hey you wonderful 911 owners,

I was hoping one of you could help me out with something; it would mean so much to me and I hope one of you could help me out.

Me and my girlfriend are going to prom the night of May 16th, and (of course typical me, a car freak) I was hoping I could surprise her by driving her to prom in a really cool car, I was hoping it could give her a really, really nice cherry on top of a cake after a really, really long junior year in high school, and hopefully make a memory that will make her happy:)

Since I’m legally underage (I’m 17) I can’t rent a car yet, and I don’t have any nearby family/friends to borrow a car like that from, I was really hoping someone really generous in the New Jersey, USA Porsche community would be willing to let me borrow their car for a night, just to let me drive it to prom and back with my girlfriend. I have over a year’s worth of driving experience, mostly in NYC and New Jersey, I’ve driven both a five-speed 911 speedster and a five-speed Ferrari 512TR before, I’m familiar with manual transmissions (though autos are tooootally okay! I’m content with anything:) ), and if you would be kind enough to let me borrow your car, I would be eternally grateful, and would be willing to go for a vetting test drive, if that’s what you would need from me.

I love cars, and I completely understand the risk involved and the meaning your car has to you, and I would completely respect that if we could work this out. I’m not going to go ridiculously fast, I’ll still drive carefully, and most of all, I will make sure to do everything I can to respect your car.

I really hope we can work something out!! 😊

The Only Exhaust Mod You Need For Your 911

This Mod Will Make Your Porsche SOUND EPIC!

YouTube / Sam Moores

Active front splitter

Porsche 911 turbo active aero | Front Splitter

YouTube / Socalson 805