Off topic

You want to say something but it has nothing to do with cars? Do it here!

This post is just a test

If you see this, then i successfully managed to access the old post editor

I feel like i've been bamboozled.

It’s already May 4th and i can still post stuff.
That moment when Matt Robinson pulled a massive prank on all of us.
What can i say? GG.

Guys, I've heard that the community aspect of CT is going to be closed today, so while I've still got the chance, here's where you can continue following me:

Instagram: 5uper.car_5pots
Discord: Car-lover33#7136, make sure you tell me who you are if you accept this though, so I can accept back
YouTube: Pikachu Car Sounds
DriveTribe: Car-lover33 (Pokemon Lover)

If any of you lot are still interested in my drawings, i post on IG under the same user name (@regular_bloke)