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so uhh

anyone notice how rentalthedinasour is banned

y tho

Lol I stayed up the whole night drawing. Now it's 4:13 am. Just shoot me

I don’t wanna grow up

I’m headed off to college in 2 weeks… but here’s my problem… I wanna build racecars and motorcycles for a living. Adulting seems too hard.. Of course I’m kinda joking I know I need to get an education but I’m just wondering if there’s anyone out there living their dream job that maybe could shed some light on this.. I would love to hear anything you got.

Sorry for the lack of activity

The uni application deadline is coming quite soon (Oct 15th for me but my school makes us do it even earlier) so I’ve been doing a lot of stuff which means no time to write blogposts and stuff. I also have a lot of other plans which take up more time. I’ll still comment regularly but unfortunately you probably won’t see much new content from me :(.

I’ll try to keep you guys posted with what’s going on uni-wise and all that. If I can remember that is…

I just got kicked off Forza 5 on the communal Xbox in the game room so some normies could play Fortnite. I wanted to race my V8 Miata of Doom, dammit.

So yeah i have to go yet again so bye i will be back when i can

temporary ripperoni for this account yet again

be me, playing fallout new vegas

pick up keys to the NCR safe house near the REPCONN Headquarters

enter safehouse

enter kitchen

looks on shelf

(the armor on the front cover)

How do i check the date when i joined CT on mobile?

Just letting you guys know that...

I might not post that much for this month. My internet went to sh!t and I’m posting this over my dad’s work’s WiFi.