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ok so my waifu isn't included

What Your Favorite WAIFU Says About You!

YouTube / MVPerry

Wow, can't believe that Fernando Alonso's car can sing God Save the Queen.

Renault F1 engine playing God Save the Queen

YouTube / Chris Billett

Imma bust my nut on 7:38

F1 1995 Japan Qualifying Onboard HighLights

YouTube / Supermega25

Rain senpai makes me go wet! (I DROWNED?) (PRANK GONE WRONG!!!)

Sorry for the clickbait 😂.
No actually, I DROWNED in rain today. On my way back to home from school, actually. When I left the school on my 2015 Honda Activa 125 scooter, it was just overcast but by the time I covered like 500 m, it started raining FREAKIN’ cats and dogs (some bit me too)! By the time I reached home after the ~6 km ride in heavy rain, my blazer had like 1 kg of water soaked inside and even my body was wet, despite being under layers of clothes – a thicc ~chevy~ blazer, a half sweater, a full shirt and tank undershirt. Unsurprisingly, my legs were also soaked in water. This is the first time I’ve ridden in such a heavy rain!

That place looks so depressing yikes

Morning in Pyongyang, North Korea. Very eerie.

YouTube / Qprekrupna2

Today I saw Ford v Ferrari (Le Mans '66) and oh boy was it great...

This is now my favorite non-comedic or non-animated film of all time. If you don’t have already seen it, go watch it right now!

Everybody looting til the roof Koreans start shooting

Everybody looting til the roof Koreans start shooting - Off topic

holy shit this is one of the most ebic shitpöst I've seen

Japanese Social Justice Warrior

YouTube / Trudermark