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How do you sort your posts?

Do you click on the all posts tab? Check only one community? Shift through different communities?

I’m back!

Joined CT about 3-4 years ago and have just logged back in for the first time in almost 2 years!

What’s good everyone?

(Also I changed my name from @project.mac to @mazlens)

Wow. They literally used the same bodykit for the Golf 8 GTI, GTD, GTE and the spotted, but unconfirmed, R. That's so lazy, imo.

I went driving with a Nissan Leaf the other day. (Closed road, supervised by somebody with a licence, etc., all legal and whatever. As usual.) It literally bends you backwards if you floor it. Omg the torque is insane. And it accelrates so fast.

After that a mate turned TC off and started drifting it. Well, as much as you can drift a FWD electric car. Mostly inertia based. After the tyres warmed up, it slid like crazy. Whole wide curves, the car was sideways in them.
Also, the e-handbrake makes the car sound like keys in a blender. Is not a real handbrake.

One thing i didn’t like was the shifter.
It’s so finicky to get it out of “Park”. Omg.

Would totally recommend a Leaf, especially the E+ model because it’s even more powerful.
And i don’t even know how much the Nismo Kit affects the way it accelerates, because they say the acceleration is even faster with that.

Y’all might not like EVs, but they are so damn fun.
Y’all have to try one.

I really think of getting an EV now.
Even found a Renault Fluence for 4K€.
I would most likely add 2 more in-wheel motors in the rear wheels and a few more batteries in the trunk.
I mean, i can’t afford it right now. But still. It’s cheap and a good car overall.

Goodbye CT again

I was planning on doing a ‘my year on CT’ thing but I can’t be bothered, if you want to see something similar just look at my ‘2019’ post. And now for the important part, I will be deleting the Car Throttle app. It’s sad I know and I wanted to be one of the last people to delete the app but the app has become unusable so… good bye for now!

Loads of people I like have already gone and the app is almost unusable so I am leaving.

I will be keeping the app for another fortnight incase anyone wants to know if I’m on other social media platforms but after that I will be leaving. Thanks for helping and boosting my car knowledge.