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Fun fact: Rohan kishibe drives a z31 300zx in the manga, and a z32 300zx in the anime

Fun fact: Rohan kishibe drives a z31 300zx in the manga, and a z32 300zx in the anime - Off topic

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This is what the first movie should have been, eleven years of garbage and now finally, something that looks good.

Bumblebee Trailer #1 (2018) | Movieclips Trailers

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The Art in our Beautiful Car Community

The Art in our Beautiful Car Community

As you would most probably know that our beautiful car community is blessed with several kinds of modifications both visual and mechanical. These modifications and the owners of those modified cars are the units of this community which light it all up with the positive vibes.

In this community, there’re thousands of cars to choose from and even a larger amount of modifications and customizations that an owner can choose from. All of this at the end of the day sums up to the owner’s choice of mods. The owner may choose from either the visual or the mechanical mods. Sometimes, its the mods that make a boring or more accurately, unattractive car attractive. Its totally possible that the owner may get their formerly beautiful and praiseworthy car totally cringeworthy.

There’s a specific term popular in our community for those people who keep on adding visual mods to their car:





The popularity of this term skyrocketed after the release of one of the most loved car movie franchise- The Fast And The Furious as you would’ve guessed. But this was just the introduction to just one of the many kinds of the things called art.

Let’s see what real creativity is. In my words, creativity in our car community is the quality of a person being able to mould their car in a way that it looks attractive at least in the moulder’s eyes. Nothing happens if the world doesn’t like your car! Its my car! Let me do what I want to do with it!

Let me tell you the reason I’m writing this. I’ve been heavily inspired by something! Until some days ago, I thought that the Piaggio Apé 3-wheelers were used only as commercial vehicles for the shipment of goods or as tuk-tuk/auto-rickshaws which are more or less taxis on three wheels. I had this misconception just because where I live i.e. Bharat, they’ve forever been used only for this task. Therefore, I don’t see myself guilty of not knowing the real art that persists in the community!

Some days ago, a Finnish Car Throttle user with the name Riku Savolainen posted that he wanted to buy a Piaggio Apé 3-wheeler for personal use. I was extremely shocked and surprised of a person being weird enough to buy one of those for personal use. I told some of my friends about this in school, they had the same reaction as me because our atmosphere has forever been like this. Some days later, I was chatting with an admin of the #CTsquad named The Quirky Richard who happens to live in Italy. I told him of what I felt of for Riku, and was surprised to know that those three-wheelers which I had never imagined would be a popular choice among teenagers for modifications. As I stated before, I thought that they were used only as goods/people carriers but the Europeans proved me wrong!

That vehicle I, like almost all other Bharatiyas thought was a transport vehicle turned out to be a popular project car in Europe. You see, this is what our community is all about! Surprising others with what you do and being surprised to the works of others! Similar to this case, some years ago I thought of pick-up trucks just as yet another kind of vehicles merely used for transportation but I’m glad to state that my this misconception vanished when I visited Thailand, where everyone was driving cool pick-ups! The kind of vehicle I had thought as one of the most boring for enthusiasts!

Yet another story to share is of another great Car Throttle user, hummerinator, who is Spanish by nationality. To be honest, he’s the person who awakened my interest in off-roading. He owns a Suzuki Jimny MK2, popularly known as the Maruti Suzuki Gypsy where I live. I had forever thought of that car as a low class boring cheap SUV incapable of anything interesting. It turns out that just power and torque figures aren’t enough to judge the real capabilities of a car. The cheap ugly Gypsy suddenly became a car I sometimes think of buying as a project car in future!

All I want to let everyone know is that our community is blessed with wonderful cars forever ready to let you conquer the Everest and wonderful people forever ready to help you solve your problems and support you and your passion for cars.

What I refer to the Art in the Car Community is the capability of transforming a car formerly unattractive into something worth dying for. Its just you and your mind that perceives and then judges what’s good and what’s not. Art is therefore more of a spirit you let in your beloved car to transform it into something never seen before. Moreover, it lies in your mind of what kind of art you want your car to receive.

In the end all I want to say is “If its real art, you must go for it no matter what others think. If you fear to imply the art, its not at all the real art.”

-Srijan Gupta | #CTsquad Indian Subcontinent

Well, the 2nd year of university started today. Time to be active on CT again because imma get hella bored in class.