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Should i get a lancer

So basically in 16 and getting my first car next year, i was thinking of a 2007 lancer that i can do up. Should i get one or not. Insurance is a lot if it has a big engine. HELP PLEASE.

Too bad not everyone can have a 2,000hp evo...

Mitsubishi Evo - Almost 2000hp 12k rpm

YouTube / sudofilm

Mitsubishi lancer / evo 6

Is it possible to transform mitsubishi lancer 1999 into evo 6 ?
And does the mitsubishi lancer 1999 can handle the evo’s dohc engine ?
And is it possible to convert the mitsubishi lancer front wheel drive into rear wheel drive ?

Oh my, a compilation of 4g63 swaps including a mustang

4G63 Swap EVERYTHING! RX7, Mustang, BMW, Dragstar.

YouTube / CZeroMedia