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Rainy day, so I can't finish up on it like I'd hoped, but my freshly-painted Eclipse is looking good in the rain, almost ready to go up for sale :)

Rainy day, so I can't finish up on it like I'd hoped, but my freshly-painted Eclipse is looking good in the rain, almost ready to go up for sale :) - Mitsubishi Eclipse Forum (3G)

As promised my new exhaust

Custom exhaust eclipse 3g gs

YouTube / maxence cantin

Any advice?

I recently bought an 03 eclipse GT, and I’m looking for a good straight through muffler for my car.

The current one from DC Sports doesn’t really have a great sound to it, and to be honest it’s a bit loud for my taste, but it does pop and bang, which I absolutely love

Anyways, anyone have any suggestions for a muffler?
I’d really like to keep the pops and stuff if possible.


Guys I need some help. I my car in neutral and put my foot down under an overpass so I could here the sound. When I put it back in gear it jolted pretty hard. Now it’s in 3rd gear and the neutral light flashes. Any ideas what’s wrong?

350z or eclipse gt

Guys, my dad’s friend is selling his 05 350z for 4k. I have an eclipse gt with bad heads. Would it be worth changing to the 350z I’d my engine is gone?


I’m in a real right spot as my car won’t turn on. I turn the key and it cranks but won’t start, pop starting wasn’t working either. I’m hoping it’s the alternator because I googled some signs of a bad alternator that are also happening right now, like the dim lights, and the windows are going up slower than usual. I have no way to confirm this however, and I don’t have any knowledge of working on cars. Any help is much appreciated thanks

4g question

Hey everyone new on this site. I have a 4g eclipse and wanted to know if there’s any talk about the 4g on this forum or is it just about the 3g?

6g75 swap??

Any advice for doing the 75 swap? What do you suggest?

Fuel filter?

So around 2 weeks ago, my car wouldn’t start. I was told it needed an alternator, just put a new one in and it still won’t start. It’s doing the same thing as before, just cranks. Not sure what it could be. Maybe a fuel filter? Kinda sounds like a car would with no gas, but there still should be a little. I’m not too good with working on cars so any help is appreciated


Guys. I just replaced the tired on my Eclipse, but soon after that I ran into a problem. You see, the drivers side front wheel keeps locking up. I can hear noises like as if there was something loose and rolling around when the wheel moves, almost broken.
The mech says it’s a problem with my transmission, but if that was the case, I’d have felt the jerk I get when the wheel stops turning on both sides of the car.
Any ideas?

So this is pretty much my 00'' Eclipse 3G GT

2000's Mitsubishi Eclipse GT

YouTube / DBK Productions