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2005 Focus sound

Hey, just passed my driving test and have a 05 Focus cr cl.
In Australia we can’t have any performance enhancing mods on our cars till after 3 after get our licence (Bullshit)
Works well, but has an embarrassing purr . I don’t want any rice bullshit, just proper work I can do or parts I can install that can improve the sound. Other advice is also welcome

Heyy i’m a new car enthusiast , i’m buying my first serious car by next year , hopfully a camaro rs 2lt , first i’m 18 i can’t afford the ss in my country , and i wanted to ask , what mods can i apply to the rs to have a boost on my performance, people to

2Sexy or 2wistd? I want your opinion!

For me it is 2sexy all the way.

When you search for mcm and you get village people ... 😆

When you search for mcm and you get village people ... 😆 - Mighty Car Mods

All the mysteries around this car ...

2WISTD - SOLD for $500 (Previous Owner Speaks Up)

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2sexy bent his, we should fly one right into the roof (talking about rods ...)

2WISTD - DYNO Power Run (Will it GO or will it BLOW?)

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In the last one it started, now stereo is doing its thing ...

2WISTD - This EVO will BLOW YOUR PANTS OFF!!! (10000000%)

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2WISTD starts at last

2WISTD - We Fixed It!! (FIRST START)

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