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Dose any one know the best engine swap a Mazda rx8 and with detail for what I need?

Can we bring this group back to live plz what happen to all the rotary lovers

Where could I get a cheap renesis engine in the uk

Preferably in the south east

RX-8 trouble

Hey guys. I’m having some trouble diagnosing a constant P0335 / P0336 code.
This is usually caused by some debris in the ESS since its a magnet - but this has been happening with increasing frequency over the last month.
Last time I drove her - I just finished changing the oil back to 10w30, replacing the oil filter, cleaning the ESS, MAF and air filter (just routine maintenance). Started her up and drove about a bit - came back and left her sitting for the night. Next day, started her up to uneven idle and the symptoms of a clogged sensor, which didn’t make any sense. Drove her around for a bit to confirm the code on the OBD2 reader - and then she suddenly shut off on me when I came to idle speed. That was new.

I got her to run a bit and then looked around the ESS to see if got clogged. It was clean. Got my laptop out and started logging the readings I was getting at idle and load with the help of my mechanic. He went ahead and looked for a connection or wiring issue, which didn’t turn up much. He then got a hold of a new sensor to test with and the code still came back.
Reset codes and tested again. Started fine. Drove about for a bit - code returned. Nuts.
I looked at the sparkplugs to see if they were fouled with oil and all the various gunk - nope. They looked fine too. Reset codes and drove her again the following day, and the code came back a 2 days later.

Issue seems to random / intermittent. We’re stumped.
Any advice?

Before you say low compression - I tested that already. Numbers look good (around 8.3 bar).

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10 Totally Random But Fascinating Facts About The Mazda RX-8

  • The headlamp dipped beam pattern on both the 192 & 231 has a specific beam of light above the main cut-off that is there to illuminate overhead reflective road signs. This pattern can be seen as a straight line if you drive up close to a vertical wall.
  • The RX-8 steering wheel has a magnesium core to save weight.
  • The front seatbelts can be buckled into the rear seatbelt clasp but cannot be unclasped. DO NOT DO THIS!
  • The RENESIS rotary engine utilises a metered oil pump to inject a small amount of oil onto the apex seals of each rotor to keep them lubricated and reduce failure.
  • The high frequency sound you hear under the hood when the key is on but the engine is off is the electric throttle actuator pushing the throttle butterfly toward closed, waiting for you to start the engine.
  • Every time you first start driving the RX-8 there is an audible thump heard from the car. That is the ABS braking system performing a self-test.
  • The manual RX-8 models have a carbon fibre drive shaft (the non-UK auto has a steel drive shaft).
  • There is a Seat Track Position Sensor that tells the onboard airbag system what position your seat is in.
  • The BOSE sound system is tuned differently for a Mazda RX-8 with leather upholstery as opposed to one equipped with a cloth trim
  • The 190 has larger secondary fuel injectors than the 230.

I found this forum post about RX8 facts and thought you guys might like them! There are loads more in the post, interesting stuff for owners :)

After a year and a half this car has had so much done to it! Maybe not aesthetically, def performance oriented

After a year and a half this car has had so much done to it! Maybe not aesthetically, def performance oriented  - Mazda RX-8 Forum