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Added some LED pods for extra light while backing up

Jeep LED pod install

YouTube / Admiral Off-Road

Hey so my buddy purchased last week a Cherokee...and well I drove it on Friday and it is.....

Hey so my buddy purchased last week a Cherokee...and well I drove it on Friday and it is..... - Jeep Cherokee XJ Forum

Hemi XJ

So i have a plan. When i get my jeep which will most likely be an XJ, im dropping an old 426 hemi in it.

Probably not a popular topic but..

I want to make my XJ more quick and I just want to get some input from anyone here, she’s a 95 2 door 2wd with a 3.73 final drive ratio (comes with the towing package) the only thing I don’t really like is she’s a Auto but I can’t complain really I bought it for $700. But I know I can just pull the back seat and some carpeting, get lighter wheels, and good rubber but does anyone know about any leaf springs for the rear that are more stiff than stock that come from other vehicles? Thanks all, just want to get some ideas or recommendations 👍👍

Just a question about rear suspension in xj's

Hello cherokee fans!, i know the XJ got leaf springs in the rear suspension, but there’s anyone with stock with rear coil suspension???

Exhaust video of the Turbo Xj 4.0

Turbo jeep Cherokee 4.0 Exhaust

YouTube / Antonio Esposito

Xj won't start

I can only start my Jeep if I turn the key then crawl under the Jeep and jump the starter solenoid with a screwdriver, I think it’s either the neutral safety switch or the starter relay but I don’t know how to test for either of these.

Does anyone know about the possibility of boosting a 4.0?

I love my Cherokee, but sometimes it’s a little bit gutless going up the long hills (I’m sure you guys know what I’m talking about).

Since it’s an inline 6, it seems like it’d be a pretty good setup for a turbo setup. Has anyone heard of any examples of this? If so, how much of an improvement do you think I’d see?