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Here's one for you all. You can have one completely free. Which one do you choose?

Here's one for you all. You can have one completely free. Which one do you choose? - Honda Del Sol Forum

Hey :D just joined and am wondering if there are anything you guys now is a major peoblem withe del sol's are. If there are any i dont know yet only had my car for a month hehe

del sol transtop, best del sol option IMO, what do you guys think?

JDM Del Sol VTI / SIR transtop in action | Themidnightgarage #7

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Is someone driveing the Del Sol in the winter? Its kinda fun.

Hello everyone! I am in a debate.

So, the thing is that my sister’s husband has got an MX5 Nb, and i drive it fairly often. I would like to buy a Honda Del Sol, party because i’ve got some repair experience with them (and a whole bunch of other stuff :D). But since I drove that Mx5 so much, I am no longer sure that the Honda wouldn’t be so…. underwhelming, I guess? The question is for you all: Why did you choose a Del Sol as your own car, maybe in comparison to an Mx5?

QoTD: Do you the prefer the look of a Del Sol with the top on or off?

Off for me

New here

Hey guys I’m new to the group and have some questions for ya. I don’t have a del sol but I’m really concidering getting one soon. I want to make a fun highway car out of it. I want to know the good bad and ugly about these little cars. I’ve heard they are underpowered, but nothing a swap or turbo can’t fix right. I’ve also heard handeling is a bit iffy if you don’t do some suspension work and the chassis has a lot of flex (build sub frame connectors and add other reinforcement) is there anything else I should know? I’m not a big honda guy but I see potential to be one. Any advise would be great

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