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An ode to Car Throttle

When I first joined back in September of 2015, I was amazed. A place where I can share my enthusiasm for cars? What the actual f**k?

But the quality of the site is dissolving. Poor content, users who pick on people who did nothing wrong and worst of all, those who are leaving to DriveTribe.

Not to say those who leave are bad people. They want a better experience and DriveTribe caters to their needs. But DT is too serious for me. I have a DriveTribe account (which you can follow, it’s Chewbacca_buddy I think), however I don’t use it. Car Throttle is my home and it’s users are my second family. Whether it’s for car stuff or relationship advice, there’s always someone you can talk to about damn near anything.

What Car Throttle is going through is what I call the rollercoaster effect. For a few months, content is booming and everyone is happy. Then it reaches it’s peak then it goes back down and everyone is cranky about everyone else and then the threaten to hop on the train to DriveTribe. Then once those who were harming the site left, content starts to rise again. It’s an infinite cycle and right now CT is at a low point.

I have hope though. Sure the content quality is kinda shit but there are some who are more loyal than Tesla fanboys are to Elon Musk. It’s those select few that are keeping the sinking ship above water.

The CT staff (with the exception of maaaaaybe Kyle Ashdown) isn’t going to listen to us. They’re up in the heavens thinking everything is fine while the rest of us are down on Earth putting out our fires. The moderators (who I can’t thank enough for the things they do for the community to help us out) are our only teammate right now. Who knows when the next mod pick is coming around so we have to work with the tools we have available to us.

To sum up, whether CT stays alive is down to you guys. Don’t engage in pointless arguments (no matter how much you want to), make good content (ask daily questions, get the community talkin, blog posts, etc.). If we all pitch in we will make Car Throttle a happier, healthier place for enthusiasts everywhere to reside

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Ultimate Drag Rennen!!! Let's play #001 [1080p60]

YouTube / AndEEjoe

Oh hi there, fancy talking about a opportunity?

Hiya, I just thought I could be more active in this website and contribute a little bit by writing a blog post every now and then concerning my thoughts on recent car news and whatnot, similar to James May’s antics in the Car Version of Buzzfeed, DRIVETRIBE. Anybody up for that? If suggested I shouldn’t or there isn’t a interest I won’t but regardless I’m going to try. Until then, I’ll be in my shed listening to the Arctic Monkeys. Bye…?

First car of the Europe trip: Citroen C4 Cactus

First car of the Europe trip: Citroen C4 Cactus - General

Type “f” (without the quotes) to pay respects to gogu

We have traveled down to Florida from Maine to see family via plane. My dad is also getting his old Del Sol back which I remember riding in when I was about 6. Should I take the plane back or the Del Sol? If Del Sol, I will keep track of our days of how l

For some it's just a car , for us it's life

For some it's just a car , for us it's life - General

My Classmate made a song,rate it

INAS$ - London zore (Official Video 4K)