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EVO 3 conversion

Hello guys,
I drive a Mitsubishi Lancer from 1994 with a 1.6L SOHC 113HP and FWD. I want to convert it to a evo3. I could buy the bodykit, swap a 4G63T engine in it but i want it AWD like the evo. Does anyone know where i can buy a real evo3. It can be crashed i only need the trans and the other stuff which makes it AWD and maybe the engine too. I would like to import one from japan or something but idk where i can find one. I hope you have some ideas where to start.

Really strange wobble!

Hey guys, I am experiencing a seemingly unexplainable wobble. It’s felt through the steering wheel that shakes. This is also felt by the passenger so not just through the steering wheel. The wobble appears when I travel between 50 and 70mph, only when there is more than myself in the car. If I accelerate the wobble lessens and if I ease of it worsens until the speed reduces below 50ish. (Lower revs at speed more wobble) I have checked tracking, wheel bearings,wheel balance and general look over the suspension with no luck. Any ideas?

1.6 Chevrolet lacetti estate 2006

(Basic mechanic training so go easy on me)

Do you always remove the Brake Fluid reservoir cap when pushing brake piston back.

Squeak in the rear

Hey guys. Got a 2001 Toledo, recently I got the shock absorbers changed, since then, when its cold or chill weather, in the morning for example, something squeaks at the rear wheels, mostly on the left side, and it’s loud. Not even music can make it go away. It sounds like rubber, and when the weather warms up, the squeak goes away. Rear bushings were changed. This started the moment I left the shop. Most likely I’ll have to take the car back. Was just curious what it could be,or if some of you had this situation. Thanks.

Overheating but only at idle?

My 2003 Peugeot Partner van ( or POO JOE as americans call it ) has a odd overheat issue, normally the temp gauge sits at 80, however the gauge in traffic slowly starts to creep up to 90+ when i am crawling or stationary, however driving normally 30mph - 70mph the temp sits perfectly at 80c

i have changed the relays as it was a cheap option but i am now thinking this maybe water pump related? is this something that is quite easy to change on a driveway? the engine is basic and dosent have a turbo so there is alot of room underneath to get hands and tools in

2009 chevy aveo misses

I was having my downstream o2 sensor giving a bad read and causing the car to sputter sometimes I replaced it and still get the same problem but found it does it when you run the heater or air does anyone know why and how to fix it Thank you

My new outback, with the stock head gasket that will need to be changed soon

My new outback, with the stock head gasket that will need to be changed soon - General Mechanical Advice


Hi car throttle,
today my turbo (i think) started making a noise. it sounds like another little engine it makes a low almost mechanical noise. it only happens at certain boost pressure and thats ehy i think its the turbo. i can accelerate lighter or harder snd it will go away but at one certain boost it makes this awful noise. kind of like it needs oil maybe?idk ive never heard anything like it.

Low MPG and mild fuel smell, possible causes?

Vehicle is a 1999 Ford Expedition XLT with the 5.4L V8. The CEL is not on and the scanner didn’t pick up stored codes.

Fuel smell is NOT in the vehicle and even running the A/C doesn’t make the interior smell of fuel. Smell is definitely outside the vehicle, but isn’t strong enough to easily pin a location down.

I know the plugs are coming due which might account or contribute to the mild fuel smell if they aren’t firing correctly. I’ve considered the O2 sensors but that should trigger the CEL. The other two things I’ve considered are the injectors/o-rings and the fuel pressure regulator.

Any other possibilities? Fuel filter, evap etc…

Power Steering

In my 2007 Swift, at low speeds the steering is extremely heavy and doesn’t self center like it should. Is this an easy fix?

Does anyone know where I can find a duel exhaust manifold for a 1979 l6 3.3?

Minicooper r 50 sway bars

What front sway should i buy? I have eibach pro kit springs

Whats the highest profile i can use with 16 inch rims without changing the initial size of it

Whats the highest profile i can use with 16 inch rims without changing the  initial size of it - General Mechanical Advice

In need of help with my 2000 Honda Accord V6

I pulled the motor and trans out to swap the trans, I had to take the intake manifold off and noticed the EGR port was full of carbon, I cleaned the intake side and the motor side of the port didn’t catch my attention so I didn’t touch it. She cranks really strong, I have to stomp on the gas to get it to start and I usually get a strong gas smell immediately after. I replaced the intake manifold gasket and all the injectors while I had the intake off. Any Honda pros dealt with this before??? I either believe I need to bleed the fuel lines or clean out the EGR ports and possibly valve? What do you guys think?