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The infamous lego barn find

So the expansion is out for a few days now and im really enjoying it. I managed to unlock the barn find today but i was informed allready to not get hyped up.

After seeing the “barn find” if we can call it even that is just a lego chassis with some random bricks and debris yet people are speculating what it is. In this post i’m gonna try to explain what we currently know and what cars we could be getting, and why i think the cars could be the infamous “barn find”.

First, what do we know allready ?

  1. The body is white.
  2. The rims are grey.
  3. The minifigure helmet is blue.
  4. apperently it has a longer chassis than normal LSC sets but i can’t confirm it.
  5. It’s called “lego protoype”.
  6. Back of the car is flat, not curved.
  7. Apperantly a racing flag was seen when you discovered the barn find location for the first time.

These 7 things are, allthough vague, very important details since they whitle down the possibilities by quite a lot.

Wich of the following cars are NOT going to be the barn find ? These are, but not limited to…
-Bugatti chiron
-Porsche 911 from 1974 (a leaked set wich supposedly is rumored to be that car but is unlikely to be)
-Many more…

Now why is it unlikely to be that ‘74 porsche ?

  1. The back of the car is curved.
  2. The minifigure its helmet is not the same as the one in the barn.
  3. That set should be released in august while the expansion got released in june.

These are the most likely options for the barn find :

  1. Audi R8 LMS
  2. Porsche 919 (old release)

Now these picks sound strange isnt it ? Why put in modern race cars in a barn ? Here’s why these make some sense :

  1. The chassis is similar, but the most accurate one is from the 919.
  2. Just because barn finds are for “older” cars doesn’t mean it can’t be applied to older sets that lego released in the speed champions range.
  3. They have the engine sounds availible for them, but the R8 LMS has the advantage here (sound from FH3).
  4. The expansion was released just 2 days before this years Le Mans.
  5. It has the word “prototype” in its name wich could refer to the 919 LMP1.
  6. Both minifigures has blue helmets.
  7. Both car bodies have or feature white bricks.
  8. The back of the car isn’t curved, allthough the trunk/spoiler mount is slightly curved on the R8 LMS.
  9. The rims are grey on the 919 but perhaps a exception could be made with the R8 LMS.

Well, there is one way to find out, and that is to wait until july 1st wich is on a monday. That’s also the day before i turn 19 years old so i guess you could call it a early birthday if PG manage to live up to these predictions. I personally hope that it is the 919 but i wouldnt mind the R8 LMS but we will have to wait and see.

Thank you for your time !
Untill next time !

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