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Help buying a 2016 Fiesta ST

Hey guys, as owners of fiesta st,
Can you recommend me about what be careful at buying an used ST?
Like engine problem or things I must know

What could possibly go wrong

How to buy a used car online and get a BAD deal

YouTube / MotorSport & Dream Cars

Tearing up some B-roads in Germany..... rental so do not get the heel and toe quite accurately

2020 Ford Fiesta 1 0 Ecoboost on curvy B roads Senheim

YouTube / Fastlane Blocker

Why I would recommend changing the Engine/Lower Gearbox Mount on the ST.

Installed Peron Stage 1+ last week...

Fiesta ST Peron Stage 1+ Install

YouTube / Chris Mac

Finally got around to doing a video of my cars 0-60

Ford Fiesta 1.0 revo stage 2 0-60

YouTube / corza663

Stage 1 Fist on new wheels looks awesome 🤘🔥

Stage 1 Fist on new wheels looks awesome 🤘🔥 - Ford Fiesta Forum