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What's a song you'll always sing along to in the car?

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What's your favourite driving song by Metallica?

Metallica - Fade to Black

YouTube / gnrfan010

RIP Avicii đŸ˜”

Avicii - Hey Brother (Lyric)

YouTube / AviciiOfficialVEVO

Tell me this doesn't wanna make you drive fast...

Kid Rock - Bawitdaba (Enhanced Video)

YouTube / Kid Rock

Ever need to just go for a long, slow drive to release some emotions? This might be the perfect song for the job. My favourite version by a mile.

The Smashing Pumpkins - Landslide [Sgrima YDedal]

YouTube / Sgrima YDedal

#EDM actually means Electronic Driving Music!

Cash Cash - Aftershock (feat. Jacquie Lee)

YouTube / Proximity

What's the best driving song ever written? We thought we'd get your take on this age-old question, and after over 500 submissions, we've collected the most popular songs based on upvotes!

 The 16 Best Ever Driving Songs As Chosen By You - Driving Music
The 16 Best Ever Driving Songs As Chosen By You

Awful, awful, awful day today...and that was even before Tom Petty died. Don't forget to tell those people why they are your loved ones.

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - Runnin' Down A Dream

YouTube / TomPettyVEVO

Don't play this one while the cops are on the radar...

Queens Of The Stone Age - The Way You Used To Do

YouTube / QueensStoneAgeVEVO

Don't you love when heavy metal bands cover country songs? #fresh

All That Remains - The Thunder Rolls (Official Music Video)

YouTube / allthatremainsVEVO

Rest easy, Chris. You were the voice of a generation.

Audioslave - I Am The Highway (Lyrics)

YouTube / 80sRock34

Great for driving, also great on Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005. Classic Outkast for y'all.

OutKast - The Way You Move (Video) ft. Sleepy Brown

YouTube / OutkastVEVO

So lucky to see these guys play tonight!

Metallica - Mama Said [Official Music Video]

YouTube / MetallicaTV

Happy Canada Day! Here's some Canadian driving music to celebrate!

The Glorious Sons - Everything Is Alright (Official Video)

YouTube / TheGloriousSonsVEVO