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If I had a nickel for every time I've heard about swapping an automatic for a manual, I could probably retire, but I wouldn't. #manualtransmission

Automatic to Manual Transmission Swaps, Is It Worth It?

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Is this safe for my dad's car?

Hello CT,
The back of our van is too low when we tow stuff. My dad has wanted some rear air suspension for his van. Is this product safe to use on the van?

Britain is the DIY nation prove me wrong

British Grenadiers - The Patriot version

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Here is another installment of how the #FairmontProject got built. I hope this ends well… it does, I put some bloopers at the end.

#FairmontProject Final Assembly (Part 2)

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How to clean car carpets with household items

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There are a lot of rumors about Californias new loud exhaust law AB1824, this video has the facts. Check it out.

The Truth About Californias New Loud Exhaust Law

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Review: Foxwell 1080P Wireless Borescope Endoscope

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This one is short, but viewer requested. Checking automatic transmission fluid is not always so cut and dried. #AutomaticTransmission

How To Check Automatic Transmission Fluid

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First ETCG1 video of 2019! This one is by request. It was also easy to put together which is nice because I made it during my vacation. 😊 #ETCG1Video

ETCG Vehicle Fleet Update 2019

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This Samara spent a winter underwater, but will the guys from Garage 54 manage to get it started with some persuasion?

Can You Start A Lada That's Spent Six Months At The Bottom Of A Lake? - DIY
Can You Start A Lada That's Spent Six Months At The Bottom Of A Lake?