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Late night shifter housing and boot replacement

Late night shifter housing and boot replacement - DIY

Are you ready for (Part 2) of the #ETCGDadsTruck differential rebuild? I hope so, because it’s here for your eyeballs and earballs right now!

#ETCGDadsTruck Axle/Differential Rebuild (Part 2)

YouTube / EricTheCarGuy

How to reset maintenance required light on a honda

How to reset honda maintenance required light (And if its broken)

YouTube / Import Custom Mods

Review: #OEMTOOLS 24993 Workshop Creeper Seat

Review: OEMTOOLS 24993 Workshop Creeper Seat

YouTube / 4DIYers

Some rust repairs with metal epoxy and sheet metal

Some rust repairs with metal epoxy and sheet metal - DIY

How to properly paint an engine valve cover

How to properly paint a valve cover

YouTube / The Demented Monkeys

They used to be the largest company in the world, decades later they needed a bailout. What happened? #GM

What Happened to General Motors?

YouTube / ETCG1

Here is (Part 1) of the differential and axle rebuild on #ETCGDadsTruck. It’s got a ton of info, including how to assemble and set up a differential. If you don’t want to wait a week for Part 2, a full, ad free, version is available to Premium Members of

#ETCGDadsTruck Axle/Differential Rebuild (Part 1)

YouTube / EricTheCarGuy

I’ve been doing a ton of work to #ETCGDadsTruck lately. I thought I would give you an update on the progress and talk about some of the upcoming videos.

#ETCGDadsTruck Project Update 2.28.2019

YouTube / ETCG1

Remember the #FairmontProject ? Well, I’ll never forget it. Here’s another video about how I put it together that illustrates that the simplest tasks can turn into an all day affair when working on custom vehicles.

#FairmontProject Final Assembly (Part 5)

YouTube / EricTheCarGuy

Can A Dead Battery Ruin Your Car's Alternator?

YouTube / Engineering Explained