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This is what jealousy and understeer looks like...

CRASH Audi TT and BMW E30 23.08.2015 Touristenfahrten Nordschleife

YouTube / EMS Nordschleife TV

Insane turbo E30 street drifting!

INSANE Street Drifting - Thrashing V8 BMW!

YouTube / 1320video

High speed BMW E30 spin on the 'Ring. This guy's reaction is amazingly calm!

BMW E30 Highspeed Spin & BIG SAVE Onboard Nürburgring Touristenfahrten

YouTube / rallyeoberehe The Nürburgring & Rallye Channel

If you haven't seen this electric E30 silently kicking the ass of an M6, then check this video out!

Electric BMW vs. BMW M6 vs. Porsche 911

YouTube / Mate Rimac

Do you know what E stands for? And most recently F? read more...

Do you know what E stands for? And most recently F? read more... - BMW E30 3-series Forum

I owned the E30 in the banner image you see above for 2 years. If you've got any questions about what they're like to daily and my experiences with it (he was called Jake), then fire away!

Within 5 years, I'll have the E30 Touring I've always promised myself. You read it here first 😎

318i M10 vs 318i M40

Between these two, what would you pick? And why?