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A Question For People Who Plays Fr Legends....

Should I Sell My GT86 For A Brand New RX7?

What are your favourite front end conversions? (below is my top 5)

What are your favourite front end conversions? (below is my top 5) - Ask Car Throttle

Any ideas what i could do as a 13-year old car enthusiast?

It seems like, if a new MR2 was produced, it would just be a lightly modified Lotus Elise and people would dislike it for some of the same reasons as the A90 Supra

Mid engined, RWD, two seats, and a Toyota inline 4 engine. Am I missing something, or would a new MR2 be practically the same as an Elise?

Is it possible to tune the mk5 supra upto 1000hp ...what is your opinion on the engine

What is everyone going to do next Toyotathon™? I plan to purchase a white 2019 Camry V6™, to complement my other 2019 Camry V6™ in matte pink.

I’m so excited, I might not be able to wait. Maybe I’ll purchase one before next Toyotathon, or maybe I’ll purchase a third one at Toyotathon™!

To learn more about Toyota™, Toyotathon™, 2019 Camry™, and 2019 Camry V6™, visit

How popular are the Grand Tour trio among non car guys?

Which to u think overall is the best the 2017 r35 gtr or 2020 gr supra mk5