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Honest question:

Let’s say the CT staff realize that they are 5 days late to notice something important to write about. Do they still write it, giving us the information, but also accepting the downpour of angry commenters, or do they ignore it altogether and no one notices?

Don’t you just hate it when the person you’re racing has better mid range acceleration?

Phil still?!

To Alex or anyone that knows. Does Alex still have Phil or did he get rid of Phil when he got the orange new MX5?

Guess my new car

It’s got 2 seats, 200bhp and it’s front wheel drive

Please help

I have change my phone but CT app is no longer available on Google play. How can I download this app?

I hate the stupid 'rallies' or 'clubs' with all the rich kids in ugly supercars that they don't know how to drive properly. Is there anyone here who actually likes them?

I hate the stupid 'rallies' or 'clubs' with all the rich kids in ugly supercars that they don't know how to drive properly. Is there anyone here who actually likes them? - Ask Car Throttle

If you could live anywhere, where would you?

So, imagine you’re a petrolhead (ok, you probably don’t have to imagine that part) who is free to choose any country to make his home. There’s nothing keeping you anywhere, you can settle in any place on earth you want, you can get the same decent job and wage, no need to consider family or significant other. The only criteria are how well you could fulfill all of your petrolhead dreams - you’re looking for a place where you can have a spirited sunday drive in a beautiful countryside, wrench all you want and do some crazy mods to your ride and then be able to legally take it to the streets as well as enjoy frequent track days on one of several circuits in the area.

Where would you go?

US, the land of freedom (supposedly), big V8, LS-swapping everything? Beauty spots of southern Europe (France, Italy)? Japan, the home of drifting? Someplace completely different?

I’m genuinely interested, maybe one day…

Hi everybody! I've some ideas.

First of all, I will make a #2018CarSpottingRewind post at the end of the year as I did last year. I won’t be including the 2018 New Delhi Auto Expo in the post because if I do say, all ten of the best spots will be from the show. You can also use this hashtag and it’ll be fun to see what were the best cars from different CTzens.

The second thing I want to talk about is that, as most of you may know, my spots are much more different than those of other people (Carguyken’s spots are the worst and he’s totally never spots good cars). If I want to describe my spots in short, I’d say that most of the cars I spot are very common for most other people. Also, hardly do I ever see a moderately expensive car in my city; forget about exotics. This doesn’t meant that they’re not good spots as my spots mostly being the cheaper and non-popular cars makes them unique. Many cars I generally spot are the ones others didn’t even knew existed. So in this way, in my opinion, my spots can be informative because c’mon, everyone knows about the existence of Lamborghini Aventador but not everyone knows about the lesser known Tata Sierra or Estate. Soon, I’ll be also trying to provide a short history of my spots.
As you may know, I’m a lover of my country and city- India; Gorakhpur. Back to my idea, as this year ends, I’ll be starting a series of spots in my city. I’ll also make an informative post about the car scene in Gorakhpur so that you may get your India stereotypes clarified and know the real reasons behind the not so good car scene. Lemme tell you again! India isn’t poor, neither are the people in my city! You may easily find a lot of supercars in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata etc. But one thing I need to agree upon is that the Indian government is stupid af in most cases.
My main approach through this new series will be to bring more attention to the mostly overseen Indian car scene and clarification of the misconceptions. Also to get other people informed of cars they didn’t know about. I’ll name it soon and clarify everything relating this. I want to remind you that my posts aren’t at all gonna be like Carguyken’s coz the number of spots he does in a day are probably more than I generally do in a month. As of now, I think that my spotting posts will be more or less like be what I do now and the cars will also be mostly the same. However, I’ll do at least something to improve all of this.
You can follow me on Instagram @srijangupta.upshift
Good bye for now and it’s my maths exam on Monday