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Buying a 147 GTA

It’s done 50,000 miles and was a cat d write off. It already has the q diff installed and just had the cam belt changed. Is there anything major to lookout for when test driving it? Thanks

Just joined the 147 family wish me luck everyone!

Just joined the 147 family wish me luck everyone! - Alfa Romeo 147 Forum

Alfa Romeo 147-steering wheel adapter

So guys,recently i have bought a new radio for my 147.My car has a steering wheel commands but i can’t find how the cable is looking so i can buy a adapter so they can work with the new radio.
My Alfa Romeo is 2002 year ,and the radio is Alpine UTE-92BT.

Thanks! 😁😁


I own a 147 ti and recently the timing belt snapped… so it needs a new engine, is it worth buying a new one and replacing it or buying a new car?