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3.8 acceleration "issue" video

3.8 firebird acceleration issue

YouTube / Jak2bossbf3

I need a lot of help

So, I went to start. And it didnt start first crank. Second time, it shuddered to a “start”. It ran for about 5 seconds, the whole time shuddering. A lot of white smoke came out of the engine bay and exhaust. What did I do wrong?

So, nobody makes a reasonable offer for my firebird for 3 days. Suddenly, in the past hour, I have 3 people who want to come look at it and give me full price. I'm legit confused lol.

Well this part of CT has been pretty dead lately. Whatve you all been up to with your Birds and Camaros?

I’ve been working on my head gasket when I get time for the past week. It has given me many headaches. Have you guys done anything interesting to your F-Bodies?

Need a daily driver any suggestions?

Not really a fbody related question but I know this community the best so imma ask it here. I’m looking to get a reliable, fuel efficient, and stick shift commuter car. I’ve been looking at corollas, hondas and saturns with the DOHC engine. The highest in willing to spend is $2500 and even that is pushing it I’d say 1-2k is my price range. Anyone got any suggestions?

Do you guys think it's worth the extra money to buy an LS1 car over an LT1 car?

3.8 group I need ur help

Anyone who has a 3.8 with an automatic transmission, can you make a video of your car accelerating similar to my last post? I want to see what everyone’s shift points are like so i can compare it to my own car. I know it’s a lot to ask so if you do it I greatly appreciate it. This would help me out greatly.

First car?

1996 Pontiac Firebird 3.8 5 spd Start Up, Exhaust, and In Depth Tour

YouTube / Saabkyle04

This song was my jam when I used to go on cruises in the Firebird. I just heard it on the radio, brings back memories.

Coleman Hell - 2 Heads (Lyric Video)

YouTube / colemanhellVEVO

Why don't more people super charge their 3.8s?

Obviously the idea of swapping a v8 into your v6 f body is the dream, but if you wish to daily it or not spend 1 year in the making grabbing a super charger for the 3.8 is the way better option in my opinion.

For starters plenty of GM cars came with a roots charger and are known to put down real numbers with a couple of simple mods.

Second your looking at probably 2 weeks to a month of wrench time versus EVERY thing you would need to buy instal and upgrade for a v8 swap.

Also for you people with 3.8s, wouldn’t it be sooo much cooler to gap the v8s with base bird or Maro??

Food for thought kiddos