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Anyone who has spent any time with a well-used 3rd gen has had their fair share of problems. What have you had to fix on your F body so far?

So far, I’ve had an alternator swap, and belts, and standard stuff like oil and coolant changes.

83 Camaro LS swap progress

1983 Camaro first start

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How to bypass vats

Please help my car doesn’t start

Poll: Coolest 3rd Gen Motor Swap?

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It's possible that I might buy either a 2nd gen or a 3rd gen camaro/firebird/trans am in the future. Which generation is faster in a straight line and which one would make a better track car? Also which 3rd gen cars have any kind of computer/ECU?

1983 Firebird and 1982 Camaro Crash Test (35mph)

1983 Pontiac Firebird NHTSA Full-Frontal Impact (Five Stars)

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Is buying a 3rd gen F body with a 305 V8 worth it? Some people say you should throw the motor away and swap in a 350