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Detroit Speed’s “DSE-Z” 1987 Camaro on Forgeline FF3C Open Lug Wheels

Detroit Speed’s “DSE-Z” 1987 Camaro on Forgeline FF3C Open Lug Wheels - 3rd Gen F-body Forum

83 Camaro LS swap progress

1983 Camaro first start

YouTube / Rob Neal

1983 Firebird and 1982 Camaro Crash Test (35mph)

1983 Pontiac Firebird NHTSA Full-Frontal Impact (Five Stars)

YouTube / CarPro1993

Anyone who has spent any time with a well-used 3rd gen has had their fair share of problems. What have you had to fix on your F body so far?

So far, I’ve had an alternator swap, and belts, and standard stuff like oil and coolant changes.

How to bypass vats

Please help my car doesn’t start

Poll: Coolest 3rd Gen Motor Swap?

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It's possible that I might buy either a 2nd gen or a 3rd gen camaro/firebird/trans am in the future. Which generation is faster in a straight line and which one would make a better track car? Also which 3rd gen cars have any kind of computer/ECU?

Is buying a 3rd gen F body with a 305 V8 worth it? Some people say you should throw the motor away and swap in a 350