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Also looking for a cheap good way to make my 205 G35x louder

Check my video guys is super cool

Honda civic 98 1500hp

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If you can park it and walk away without turning around an looking at it, then you're driving the wrong car. 😜

If you can park it and walk away without turning around an looking at it, then you're driving the wrong car. 😜 - 350Z/ G35 Forum

Affordable dual cat back

Any brands that are affordable or suggestions? I really want to get them. Thanks!

Why do you drive a Z?

Let’s hear why you drive a Z. What’s the part that really makes owning a Z car special to you?

Buying a Z

I plan on getting a 350z but don’t know if I should go with an 03-04 or an 06? I am aware of most of the problems with the 03 and 06.


NISSAN 350Z CAR REVIEW! - Pure Driver Engagement!

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Today, after some minor repairs at Infiniti, I learned via a full diagnostic the devastating news that I will no longer be able to afford my beloved g35. This car was my pride and joy and something I worked long and hard for. However, the diagnostic revealed that the car is barreling inevitably towards a pitfall of costly service repairs. Basically, it is a ticking money-pit bomb; one which will cost twice the value of the car. The sadness and devastation is real right now. I was absolutely living the dream with this unbelievable car and it is like a punch in the gut to have it end so suddenly and without warning. The amount of things
I had still planned to do with the car that will now never happen is what strikes me the most. It is hard to comprehend that within a few short days, something I had grown to know, love, and adore will be forever gone from my life. Really going to savor these final few drives in this beautiful beast. Hopefully some of you G/Z guys understand…

350Z as a trackday car?

Looking at picking up a 350z now they’re getting cheaper. I do a fair few track days (around 10 a year) Do they hold up well on track? Require many mods? I know they’re heavy so how are they on consumables? Are they competitive on track or do you seem to get overtaken by most things?