About Car Throttle The internet's largest community for car enthusiasts

Car Throttle was started in 2009 after founder Adnan Ebrahim realised there was no online platform for people like him: young, millennial car enthusiasts. Dubbed ‘Buzzfeed for cars’, the site quickly evolved into a vibrant community serving millions of users - called CTzens - who follow the brand on its apps and major social media platforms.

Car Throttle creates and distributes engaging car content and works closely with advertisers looking to reach a valuable audience. Our investors include the minds behind AOL, Facebook, Skype and MailOnline.

Car Throttle by the numbers

  • 200 million car enthusiasts reached every month
  • 500 million video views per month
  • 7 million Facebook fans across our network
  • 1.8 million subscribers on YouTube
  • 74% of our traffic is social
  • 70% of our users are mobile
  • 20 employees in London and New York

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“Car Throttle serves the needs of a fanatical population - auto fans.”Pando Daily

“prophetic of the future of many more media companies in the digital age”Business Insider

“The largest auto social media site”Evening Standard

Meet the team

Adnan Ebrahim Founder & CEO

I founded Car Throttle from my University bedroom in 2009, frustrated with the lack of places for millennial car enthusiasts to hang out online. CT is now the largest cross-platform auto publisher and I now spend my time hiring, implementing strategy, promoting synergies, talking to our awesome investors and driving 'Bronzilla', my R35 GT-R.

Alex Kersten Head of Video

I’m the guy you see in the YouTube films, comedy sketches and live videos. I own a Mk1 MX-5 called Phil and an E36 M3 lemon called Colin, and when I can’t think of anything funny to say, I’ll inappropriately touch a car’s exhaust. I’ve been told I’m less of a douchebag in real life than I appear on camera.

Ethan Smale Head of Production

Some call me the creative wizard behind Car Throttle’s million-subscriber strong YouTube channel. I own a purple and gold chrome-wrapped Suzuki Wagon R, for some reason.

Gabor Szedlak COO

I helped Car Throttle grow from a small Facebook page to the world’s largest cross-platform auto publisher. My job is to make sure we reach every petrolhead around the world with engaging content and great discussions.

Matt Robinson Editor

I head up all of the editorial content you see on Car Throttle. I’m approachable and polite, if fuelled with enough coffee.

Jake Orr Head of Social Media

I’m Jake, Head of Social Media for CT. I’m a big fan of old school muscle, and I’ll turn wrenches on whatever I can get my hands on! Straight outta ‘Murica 🇺🇸.

Jessica McFadyen Head of Partnerships

Having been a huge F1 fan all my life, I now work closely with our partners to help them connect with our followers, and to keep bringing the best content to our fans. Originally from Brixworth. Allllll about F1 #TeamLH.

Samantha Rady Head of Sales (US)

I head up the US Sales Strategy, with the role of introducing Car Throttle to US partners. I’m a creative thinker and love developing new ideas, programs and partnerships. On weekends you will find me driving my Renegade Trailhawk on winding country roads and biking through mountain trails.

William Chandler Social Media Executive

I'm a Social Media Exec here at Car Throttle. I love most things with a turbocharger and outside of work I spend a lot of my time fixing things on my car that didn’t really need fixing in the first place.

Edwin Klinkenberg Social Media Executive

I’m one of the Social Media Execs at Car Throttle. I love buying rubbish cars that I don’t really fit in, making memes, and generally destroying anything I come near.

Ellie Carter Office Manager

I’d heard from Ethan about this amazing office he works at full of car enthusiasts and nerf guns. I’ve since joined the team at CT and spend my days doing a bit of finance, a sprinkling of HR and a dash of nerf pellet dodging!

Leigh Gray E-Commerce Manager

I'm responsible for all the cool merchandise you can find in the Car Throttle store. In my free time I work on my tuned MX-5 and cut hair at the local beauty salon.

Martyn Tyson E-Commerce Assistant

I'm responsible for coordinating and processing all of the orders that we receive. When I'm not in the office I'm buying worryingly cheap cars, before complaining when they break down!

Gabriel Keogh E-Commerce Executive

My job is to make sure all of our customers have a great online experience and our store is constantly kept looking great. I’m also a cyclist. Go on, roast me.

Jack Joy Assistant Producer

Hey, I'm Jack! I help to create the quality video content you see here at Car Throttle. I like to spend my time watching films and spend my money fixing old cars I don't need. There's nothing better than working on cars with mates.

Toby Fernando Assistant Producer

Also known as Mr. Fernando, my job here at Car Throttle is to help create awesome video content that you see online. I spend my time looking at cars I can’t afford to buy and thinking about my next car mod. Away from cars, you can catch me behind the camera, doing my thing!

Matt Kimberley Contributing Editor

I’m the magical content fairy that fills in for the other Matt when he’s overseas, in meetings or sleeping off a mighty gin hangover. Whatever, really. You’ll often find me photographing for car brands, too.

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