YouTube’s Most Audacious Hooners Have Released This Fiery XJ220 Burnout Trailer

Everyone's favourite YouTube hooners have a fiery, Jaguar-shaped treat in store for us!
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XJ220 fire 1

We’ve not heard or seen anything from YouTube sensation Tax the Rich since April this year when the lads – who remain nameless – played tug of war with two Ferrari F50s. Seriously.

Today, the TTR team has released a tasty one-minute trailer of their best bits, including that Phantom drift as well as a Ferrari Enzo rallying (videos below).

XJ220 fire 2

What we haven’t seen before, however, is footage of a Jaguar XJ220 doing a serious burnout. With fire. That’s a fiery burnout with a car that costs around £250,000 today. Because Tax the Rich.

Anyway, the trailer means we’re in for a full-length XJ220 hoon soon, which we’re more than OK with. Hit play below to see the trailer and make sure you watch their previous hoons (video #2 and #3).

Video – new trailer

Video 2 – Rolls-Royce

Video 3 – Enzo

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  • Gustav the Great

    It breaks my heart.

    • Satulinna


      Because they use their expensive cars?

      You’d probably be happy as ever seeing these guys never drive their multimillion dollar supercars and hold them in their basement.

      • Gustav the Great

        No, It breaks my heart to see a 220 Jag on fire.

  • Shane

    Haha I think this is hilarious.

  • Jim c.

    This is why we can’t have nice things

  • Shamona

    To me, there is nothing better that a supercar being used..damn if I had a Lamborghini thats probably how id wanna drive it

  • Gabriel

    Did The license Plate Say Tax The rich ? Thats never gonna happen we will always find Loopholes and you know it lol

    • Caes

      Therein lies the irony…

  • onlycodered

    This sorta makes me angry. I can understand the whole argument that at least these people drive their cars instead of them sitting in a garage all their lives but at least treat them normally and drive them on the street.

    • Reventon

      You shouldn’t be using super cars just to drive them normally and or in traffic.

      • onlycodered

        I guess I should clarify my statement. I didn’t mean in traffic or just on public roads. I meant drive supercars for what they’re meant to do, perhaps on a track or a nice open road where there’s nobody else driving. Somewhere where you can open it up and not ruin the car or endanger anyone else.

  • Jeff

    This is crazy. I love that they have the skills and balls to do this because to be honest, I probably wouldn’t! Very entertaining!


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