You Won’t Believe The Cars You’ll See In A Dubai University Car Park

This University car park in Dubai features some of the hottest metal on the planet
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Dubai’s plethora of supercars is well documented. Even their police force gets a bunch of exotics. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that the students at the American University of Dubai drive some incredible metal.


For most of us, even running a car during study is difficult, but these guys are rolling around in Lamborghinis, Rolls-Royces and Aston Martins, to name a few. Canadian Redditor Squirrelnelius shared nearly 100 images taken in the University car park. Here’s the full album for you to drool over. And here are some of the car park highlights:






















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  • Ali Mahfooz

    Damn! I just realised that I will never be able to afford that college’s fee.

    • ahad

      its okay, go to nearest baqala and buy rc cola

  • Call me Freddy

    At least i can afford a BMW E39 528i (Modified to 225 HP) with only 400€ per month. Via la va GERMANY. Thanks.

  • Paul

    And none of them can park properly?!

    • Ali Mahfooz

      Ain’t nobody got time for that!

    • Luke

      Because racecar.

    • MrCokeCaine

      because having a nice fast car doesn’t grant you with good parking abillities.

      they probaly can park everywhere, they got enough money for fines anyway haha.

  • gwhizzl
    • Ahad

      Known as Yaris in UAE

      • Jordan Renteria

        And in the USA as well.

      • gwhizzl

        Whoops! you’re right

        • Sean Cassidy

          Its an Aygo by UK standards, the yaris is actually a lot bigger lol

          • AJHOK

            That is a Yaris. The Yaris and Aygo look completely different.

          • Sean Cassidy

            My bad, on closer inspection it appears that I am wrong

    • BIelal

      Known as Vitz in japan

  • Merci Lago

    I never felt so peasant in my life -_-”

  • hotdog428

    Nice to see they’ve got some good American iron there. Also, that impala next to the first GTR picture – it’s got two exhaust tips on one side. what’s up with that? sleeper or visual mod?

    • Hamid

      Its a Chevrolet Caprice SS

    • ahad

      Its sold with the double tip exhaust

    • 5medi

      It’s a Caprice Royale or SS. Impalas never existed in the Middle East until this year…

  • Hamid

    I spy with my little eye an Aventador in the second last picture …

  • Mr. B

    the Tommy Kaira 86 is the best, at least not everyone drives it in Dubai like a Ferrari :D

  • STI Turbo

    my realistic dream first car was a civic type r and now i see these

  • Steven with no dreams anymore

    And here I am trying to study and work to get a Mazdaspeed3 while these people have my dreamcar and studying. :(

    • Aditya Trivedi

      What a name, Steven with no dreams anymore.

  • JZX

    when i see stuff like this, it instantly makes me want to believe that dubai isnt a rich country, but a country with massive class division

    • BornZombie

      Dubai is not a country it’s a city in United Arab Emirates for the f sake..

      • JZX

        lel, what i meant. typo’d right there.

  • Guest

    There’s an Aventador right there and you photograph THIS?

  • hellyeah

    If you pull up to any university in a new mercedes, you’re gonna be “that spoiled kid” in Dubai everyone’s just like “ugh how impressive.. another amg”

  • anon1233

    so pretty much the same as the university of waterloo except for the ferraris

  • georgg1996

    dat parking skills

  • Andrew

    What amazes me is that they all know how to park in a single parking spot…

  • anon1

    Why is a Camaro there?

  • Guest

    This was on the subreddit r/cars like months ago.. step it up car throttle (;
    Still really crazy stuff though, the original poster said that some of the owners will park on sidewalk all the time and get tickets all the time but to them its basically just pocket change

  • Aidan Rule

    The Chevy must be the poor kid.


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