Would You Spank 1 Supercar Or Hoon 3 Hot Hatches On A Road Like This?

You've got the keys to either one Ferarri 458 or three iconic hot hatches. Which do you choose?
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Picture the scene: you’re in the Alps with mile after mile of bum-clenchingly good roads stretched out before you. A real mix of fast sweepers, tight chicanes and cliff-side tunnels. The sort of road you can normally only watch on Top Gear through tears of envy.

Who knows how you got there; that’s not important right now – maybe you were kidnapped by a leading light in the Albanian Mafia who got a bit lost.

Whatever, the important thing is that you’ve got to make a choice. To your left there is the key to a gleaming Ferrari 458 Spider, which unless you’ve been living in a cave for a few days you’ll have seen going massively sideways in the hands of Chris Harris.

But not so fast. To your right are the keys to three of the most incredible hot hatches ever made; starting with the Mk I VW Golf GTi.

Next to it there’s the iconic and still bloody lovely Honda Integra Type R (the earlier DC2, of course). Just listen to that VTEC at full chat.

Topping off the orgy of hot hatch awesomeness is the Renaultsport Clio 200, which can stick to the bumper of a 300bhp Ford Focus RS around Millbrook proving ground.

So on the one hand you have probably the best convertible supercar car ever made. And on the other, sit three affordable classics with performance you can take to the limit without finding yourself on fire in a crater at the bottom of an Italian valley. You can only choose left or right…

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