World’s First 6-Rotor Mazda Is 800bhp Of Crazy

If you thought your car was loud, get a load of this 6-Rotor RX4!
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perth rotary

Rotary engines are smooth, make lots of power from tiny displacement, rev like superbikes and suffer a fraction of the wear and tear of mechanical parts that conventional piston engines do.

So, why don’t we all drive Wankel cars? Well, because they’re high-maintenance, need lots of oil, are easy to flood with fuel, develop next to no torque (which is what you actually need to overtake stuff in the real world) and are very difficult to turbocharge reliably. They’re a modern car company’s nightmare, which is why even Mazda, long-time friend of the rotary engine, has jacked them in.

2531 - communism engine rotary theory

How could the rotary issues be solved? Maybe, perhaps, the answer is to think big. As in forget two engine rotors, or even three, but join SIX rotors up together. Even normally aspirated, it’d sound like a beehive on acid, make 813whp, 530lb ft, and render something retro like, say, a 1970′s Mazda RX-4 almost undriveable.

Sounds like a plan to us…Welcome to the Pulse Performance 6-Rotor RX4.

Video 1

Video 2

And before anyone trolls this, remember you’re looking at a completely street-legal car running on regular pump petrol.

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  • Guest

    Sounds a lot like my weed whacker

    • B dub

      yeah your 800hp weed whacker

  • guest

    So… lots of power and no torque basically means: high top speed but no acceleration, right?

    • guest

      No. It means that rotaries can be fast everywhere but the bottom of first gear, and that you actually have to downshift to pass people. That is, unless you’re driving a boosted rotary or a 6-rotor monster like the one above, then they probably make plenty of torque to get the job done.

    • Mechanic

      Horsepower is just the measure of torque in relation to RPM. Low torque with high horsepower usually means a high revving engine with a peaky powerband. Which, yeah, its a rotary…. Top speed is usually an issue of horsepower vs drag and a gear ratio to achieve it, not the type of engine. Torque is irrelevant in that, apart from deciding how high you’ll be revving to get the horsepower.

    • rcpython

      torque can give you high speeds because it can be geared to the moon and still move the car,but having lots of revs can also give you high speeds because it can be geared low and still have speed. so in all it comes down to gearing not the engine so much.

  • Ryan

    “Even normally aspirated, it’d sound like a beehive on acid”

    but it is normally aspirated ? Regardless, yes it sounds like a beehive on acid lol, pretty sweet build though. Looks like a drift monster

    • Blufires

      You can see the intake trumpets and the ITBs on the engine in the video, so yes, 100% it’s naturally aspirated.

  • 88 GTU

    Mother of God. ^0^

  • zane b

    sound exactly like a blender like for real

  • Boss

    I would take it for a spin at 4am to show my superiority in the neighborhood.

    • B dub

      i would need to take that ride with you and then my hood next

  • HemiFour

    Love rotaries, love RX4s, love crazy builds like this. But dear God, a normal 13b struggles to get acceptable gas mileage. I’m sure this beast puts even an old big block to shame.

  • Rickard

    they don’t rev like superbikes! Redline usually lies somewhere between 7.5-8.5K and a superbike usually revs a little bit less than twice that…

    • cooflaga

      Pitch, not RPM.

      • Rickard

        “Rev” = revolutions, rpm?

  • Brian Thompson

    I heard a weed wacker many times before, here we went again.

  • prostreetz12

    And when they say regular pump petrol they mean it,NZ petrol is complete crap

  • jamal hodge

    dude i saw the video and now i want a six rotary engine

  • Nicholas Scharf

    Don’t forget to give credit to the creator, Mad Mike! Drifter sponsored by Red Bull, His MadBull RX-7 is wicked aswell!


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