Witness An Acid-Tripping Truck Driver Do A Savage Hit And Run

Welcome to the biggest 'WTF' video of 2013: what the hell caused this crash?
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ram crash

Downtown Atlanta, Georgia, USA, on an October Saturday afternoon. A motorist calls the police after spotting a Dodge Ram pick-up driver asleep at the wheel of his truck, which is stationary in the roadway.

A Department of Transport worker responds, finding the incapacitated driver drooling into his own lap. He goes to remove the keys from the Dodge’s ignition, but the driver suddenly awakens, protests, and roars off. This is a manual truck, by the way, so it does require some hand-and-foot co-ordination to get moving.

ram driver

Seconds later, the Dodge lives up to its butch name, ramming a queue of cars in a terrifying five-car pile-up. Miraculously, no-one is seriously injured in the smash.


And then, we see the tripped-out (on acid, perhaps) truck driver dance away up an embankment, mount a barbed-wire fence, throw himself over the other side, and run away. Police are still unable to trace the dribbling suspect, or work out whether he was drunk, on drugs, simply overly tired, or suffering from some sort of medical condition.


What do you guys think went on here?

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  • Alex Trinity

    The way he walks.. and holds his hands… he must be an alien … who got really high…

  • ????????? ?????????

    I guess he used his pickup for the purpose it was made… Ramming!

    By the way why didn’t anybody tried to stop him? The cameraman was like “Naaaah, I’ll just sit here and continue filming him!”

    • DKaine

      Cameraman’s paid to do one thing and one thing only: Point the camera at the most interesting thing in the area and don’t stop for anything. It’s like the rules of a nature documentary… observe but don’t intervene.

      • humblejumble

        but this obviously isn’t a documentary and is from a camera phone… so unpaid normal citizen that didn’t act. what a bloke.

        • DKaine

          I don’t know what kind of camera phones you’ve had, but I haven’t seen a single one with that sharp of an image, that high of a frame rate, manual zoom and focus, and, oh yeah, is carried by news crews for shooting stories.

          “Channel 2′s Liz Artz called 911 when she and her photographer came across the man behind the wheel.”

          The person behind the camera was a news photographer, on the job, with a professional camera. If there’s anything obvious here, it’s that your mouth runs faster than your brain.

  • ParkerAP1

    3:19 in the video reminds me of this Napoleon Dynamite scene. Lol.

  • Dimitry

    Wow. Are people that retarded nowadays? You see a guy like that, you don’t take out your fancy iphone to film. You get in there and snatch the friggin’ key and also try to get the psycho as far away from his truck as possible. Think about human lives, not amount of views on youtube.

    • supra

      and let him run away…

    • Batman

      Its easy to say things like that when you are on your computer, and not at the scene. You more than likely would have done what everyone else was doing, nothing.

      • Rick Kaplan

        No, it’s pretty simple. If someone is messed up, you take the key out of their car. That guy with the helmet had the opportunity to prevent an accident and he just let the guy go, who was obviously messed up on something. Not everyone knows to do that. GRAB THE KEY, DON’T LET THEM DRIVE. Now you know :)

        • Alexsandyr Troutnoodler

          It’s called “risk assessment.” Guy is tripping out and in a dangerous vehicle. If I do something, he could run *me* over, or shoot me. Is *my life* worth the possible harm he could do?

          For most people, the answer is no. But for someone who has training to mitigate the possible threats, the answer is “maybe.”

          People like YOU tend to cause more problems and get more people hurt than those who just video dangerous situations for the police to handle later.

          • Rob

            You grab the keys fast, its not that difficult, and you’re not gonna get run over if A) the guy is passed out B) car Isn’t running C) You’re not in front of the car. If that guy actually went down the road and killed someone I think people would be wondering why someone didn’t grab him. Dumbass.

          • idiotshere

            Then get shot withn his concealed weapon he might have in his vehicle. judge the risk first idiots, most of you see to many action moies or think your heroes, honestly.

          • Joe

            “Risk assesment” i.e. – is my life worth risking to potentially save others? “Nah.” You’re a dick. If this guy could have potentially hurt your family you might actually react, but since you don’t know these people your life is obviously not worth risking.

        • dcrasta

          The Highway worker seemed to be trying to help the guy, and reaching into someone’s car is a easy way to get shot, stabbed, tazed, maced any number of things. The guy started his truck and drove away. The Highway worker cannot risk a kidnapping charge and he wasn’t a Police. Dammed if you do dammed if you dont. Good luck playing Gi- Joe.

      • Riptyde

        If I see a guy stopped in the middle of the road, looking like he’s passed out, damn straight I’m going to try and help him. It’s really not that hard to call an ambulance for somebody and check to see if they’re okay. By knocking on the glass you can tell he’s non-responsive and needs medical attention.
        Maybe you would be too scared or can’t be bothered to help someone when they need it, but don’t throw everyone in the same boat.

        • oALIENATIONo .

          Who’s to say he didn’t call an ambulance before recording? Alexsandyr is right, risk assessment. What you think is as simple as grabbing a key from a car with someone on a drug can turn into an ugly situation extremely quickly. When drugs are a factor in a situation, It’s not always the smartest thing to try and help, and sometimes it causes more issues trying to help than by just standing back.

          • Aaron R Watson

            He didn’t look like he could do much to be honest it was amazing he even was able to run away. there’s a number of things that could have been done. but standing there watching it wasn’t helping either he may have been reacting to the cameras for all you know some people function on different levels on certain drugs. where as his physical may not have been super coordinated but his mind may have been able to understand this is now public and I am being humiliated. humiliation can cause people to react the way he did. you know you could have grabbed his keys and just went into the vehicle and waited and as soon as he got out of the vehicle I would have locked him out to make sure he couldn’t use a massive truck like that as a weapon let alone go back into and get a weapon, if he could even function properly. my guess is he would have either A ran away on foot because the truck may have been stolen or B gotten aggressive but he probably would have only been able to holler and flail his limbs around maybe denting a car. you know it could have been handled a lot better in many aspects is all I’m saying.
            I agree with rick kaplan (below)

      • Rob

        You’re an idiot, you’re probably some fatass yourself sitting on a computer. We’re not all as lazy as you, I personally would’ve tackled him as soon as I saw him running away

        • DKaine

          Enjoy getting your ass torn up by some dude with a drug daze/mental condition. The guy was obviously not in his right mind, and could have reacted in any number of dangerous ways. It’s tempting to be the hero in situations, but what exactly do you stand to gain from stepping in? Everyone else was (thankfully) protected by their cars. You could have ended up under the tire of that Ram.

          • Eric Thiel

            It’s everybody like you running around saying “it’s not my problem” that is making this country the way it is. I’m sure it’s not your fault Obama is the president even though you voted for him. But hey don’t try to make it better just tell everybody “it’s not your problem”

          • Logan B.

            Recording the indecent was actually the best and safest course of action. No only did you spare yourself the possibility that the, clearly disturbed, man was concealing a weapon and if confronted could’ve hurt someone else horribly. But you’ve got clear evidence and positive I.D. that would clearly convict him, where just a few eye-witness accounts would not have nearly the gravity with no law enforcement around.
            The problem with this country is that no one takes the time to actually think. They just throw anger at the largest figure-head they see. Like, instead of blabbing about Obama being the president, something you can’t change, worry about members of Congress or House Representatives. The ones who are ACTUALLY causing the problems and allowing Obama’s mistakes to take hold.

          • Ramiro Martha

            Dude, that guy is trippin waay to hard to even think about pulling a weapon. You see the way he ”walked” away. That guy might give you a stroke on your head saying that you are cute in some sort of way instead of shanking your guts

        • Crunch

          so American………………

    • Tamim

      One of the most dangerous kinds of people are people suffering from Mental Delusions. They often don’t respond to the typical limitations that most people experience (muscle pain, the pain from stretching tendons and ligaments, etc.). He may have looked weak and vulnerable because of the drooling, but he just threw himself over a barbed wire fence, didn’t flinch, and kept going. AFTER slamming his truck into five other cars. I have seen a tiny woman in a mental institution need three HUGE orderlies to try to hold her down (and struggling to do so) before a nurse could administer a sedative. The orderlies are trained, these people on the side of the road are not. Instead of “saving the day” they could have ended up seriously injured, while the guy would still have gotten away. They did the responsible thing – you can hear a woman on the phone giving a dispatch operator a play-by-play of events.

    • DKaine

      It wasn’t some passer-by with a fancy iPhone, it was a cameraman with a $10- or $20,000 professional camera. The guy filming was more than likely part of a news crew. You can tell that this is a quick edit of some of the film directly off the camera, and was intended for a news broadcast – normal people don’t film B-roll (the shot of the key on the ground, stationary shot of the damaged cars, etc) when they are rubber-necking an accident scene.


    It was an alien,on drugs,driving a truck,DUUUH. :-P

  • that 1 guy

    girl in th pink sweatshirt was kinda cute doh ;D

  • martindaman

    He rammed a bmw! let him burn…

  • disqus_DUTHHsresI

    Anyone talking shit can’t drive stick sleeping

  • Nugat10

    That DODGE did not live up to it’s name ;)

    • Leeroy

      But it sure did RAM.

      • Nugat10

        I get it now. Dodge Ram is a logically impossible.

  • Stuz

    If I didn’t know better then I would say it’s some sort of prank, really, who would let the driver just run away like that?

  • thetruthlol

    Screw the media. This guy isn’t on acid he’s on bath salts or a research chem.

    • grillmaster79

      How do you know? It could be anything. If you are prescribed lithium and take a little too much, stuff like this can happen.

      • quincy jones

        Acid is not going to make you act like that. Hes probably on pcp or some shit.

  • Thiago Zanatta

    He DEFINITELY wasn’t tripping acid. Looks more like heroin/meth.

    • TriedACIDonce-___-

      Seriously… Acid isn’t that bad. lol

  • Will

    As a Diabetic myself…..to counter whoever was talking in the end of the video….he is not a diabetic….Blood sugar can’t do that to you…

  • Liheng Cai

    First shot on the guy he is acting crazy…the way he run away..seems he is totally DUI..

  • Raphael Thiffault Leblanc

    What waste of a beautiful BMW E46! :(

    • your mother

      no1 cares

      • Raphael Thiffault Leblanc

        I don’t care about you.

  • Riptyde

    If it was actually illegal drugs he was on, this should be a lifetime driving ban. He could have very well killed someone if he was going any faster. Tack on some time in prison too for being a complete idiot.

  • WarMachine

    well, good thing it IS on video.. Imagine trying to explain that to the cops…

  • Helloyellow6

    They should have called the police instead of a county worker. What the hell is he going to do. Isn’t one of his jobs to set up road cones? Dude is sleeping in his truck in the middle of the road, he is obviously not right in the head. Seeing that he was also in a giant truck that could kill people, he shouldn’t have been able to drive away. That is the stuff we have cops for.


    The thing I can think of is that he was on some sort of cocaine/ that was laised with “bath salts”… its becoming a problem these days with cocaine because drug dealers save money by “cutting” it with these chemicals…. Some guy who drives a 2013 dodge ram 3500 is not “disabled” by any means… he probley bought bad drugs for some low level drug dealer and became under a bad buzz


    He is lucky he was in first or second gear when he took off… he never shifted gears when he drove off lol… could of went alot faster into those cars, thank goodness he did not shift

  • TreyJ24

    Too much GTA V.

  • swiffs

    the guy seemed to have a seizure and u let him drive a way ya real great work

  • Larry Joe Collins

    Worst cop on scene ever

  • Mike Lanza

    he looks like he was on herion or oxys i think…..

  • tbased

    i would have chased that asshole down and maced him.

  • Lukas Bulevi?ius

    Ok I don’t like russians, but if the tow truck driver was a bit more eastern european, he would just kicked the tripped guys ass out of a truck or at least took the keys and then they were no casualties… (all this “i will get you sued for making dumb stuff” is just ridiculous … really US get your shit together).

  • MOonskater

    yea sorry guys…. this is not how people on acid would react… if at all on drugs he would have most likely been on some type of amphetamine. First clue is that you never pass out on LSD, he would have been wired as shit, and also LSD subdues the stimulation of the hypothalamus, which controls aggression in your brain. No acid tripping person would have rammed up to 5 cars because he was scared of someone trying to the his keys.

  • Bled

    This side of the modern societies makes me feel sick. No one was able to knock the guy the ffff out and tie him to a damn tree until the police arrives.

  • dankwgn

    are we to assume the truck was stolen

  • dankwgn

    o one more question to the people who say they would try to help him. the DOT guy tried that and see what happend.

  • Patricia Beasley

    Lol………….. watch out for the retarded monkey!!! Luckily no one was hurt.. the guy who had the balls to go up to the driver window saw he was not in the state of mind and should have taken the keys away right then and there, could have prevented the terrible accident…but instead let the guy drive off and crash.. such a shame. No hero here..

  • fapiemcfapfap

    that is not acid that was a women dressed as a man behind the wheel get yo fact straight

  • porsche-is-da-best

    This is the people these days. Going to clubs all the time tripping on club drugs (MDMA, COKE, etc.), I fukcing hate it. This is the next generation? What happened?

  • rich

    obviously they can get him since he left, his truck. at the scene..

  • Gazeebo

    Couldn’t anyone sucker punch that dick instead of looking at him like an ass?

  • Kyle Hudson

    oh god damn it, hes from Maryland.

    just for the record, Not ALL MARYLAND DRIVERS trip out on Acid!

  • Leonidas Katsikis

    Hes just having one of those days…

  • Logs

    Lol typical Marylander.

  • WTF_Over

    What happened to this guy? Did the police ever catch him?


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