Witness A Porsche 964 RSR Rally Car Smash Into A Barrier, Then Land In Water

This huge smash ripped the Porsche's wheels clean off and threw the car upside down into a body of water
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The 964's wheels lock up. It's clear there's no going back...

The 964′s wheels lock up. It’s clear there’s no going back…

This is the moment when the wheels of Harry Kleinjan’s Porsche 964 RSR locked up at the worst time possible. Approaching a tight right-hander (post left-hander drift) at the Hellendoorn tarmac rally this weekend, Kleinjan and his co-driver smash into a barrier at around 60mph.

After hitting the barrier at speed, the Porsche's wheels are ripped off

After hitting the barrier at speed, the Porsche’s wheels are ripped off

Just before the huge smash, we see the 964′s driver turn the wheels in vain – as we know (probably from experience), this guy’s gonna have a bad time…

The rally car then pirouettes mid in the air and lands on its roof

The rally car then pirouettes in the air and lands on its roof

And so it is that the Porsche is thrown into the air like a rag-doll. Its wheels are torn off, the first and second barriers are knocked down and the car and its passengers land upside down with an impressive splash into a body of water. Both driver and co-driver escaped without serious injury.


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  • Jigs J Sharma


  • tommy

    Daamn! thank goodness there was water to avoid any worse possible injuries, although if he had the car upside down in the water… oh man..

    • Steve

      You can’t drown by landing in the middle of ta grassy field though. If either of them had been knocked unconscious…

  • Mugen


    • Cliff

      Porsche engines sit in the back of the car.

      • Patrick Rhoades

        thats the joke that went right over your head.

  • https://www.facebook.com/XxWookiexX?ref=tn_tnmn Aaron Shackleton

    brakes locked up :/

    • CP

      Throttle was stuck

  • Alex Trinity

    It’s like he forgot to turn…

    • Adam Collins

      With wheels locked up like that, even if you turn the wheel the car will still go straight because there’s no available traction

      • CP

        He would never ever had regained traction, the throttle was stuck in the full OPEN position.
        And with so much power you can brake all you want.

      • CP

        He would never ever had regained traction, the throttle was stuck in the full OPEN position.
        And with so much power you can brake all you want.

  • ParkerAP1

    I like how the guy at the end of the video at 0:41 just casually looks down at his phone like nothing happened

  • Dillon Bradshaw

    permission to say cock!

    • Nate Stauring

      The King of Slow doesn’t drive fast enough to lock up.

  • Jeremy

    I don’t understand why he didn’t brake or turn after recovering from the traction loss. I’m not a super experienced driver but I do own a fairly powerful rwd sports car with the TC relay pulled. It is just confusing to me why he accelerated down the straight and THEN locked his brakes up after recovering from the traction loss in the turn.

    • blair

      His steering locked up… he did slam on the brakes.. thats the white smoke before he hit the barrier lol.. not much you can do really.. hit the brakes and hope for the best..

      • blair

        even if his wheels just locked up…still no traction lol

        • Kevin

          locked wheels = no steering possible. When you are an experienced driver and/or you’re not in panic, you MUST release the brakes slowly until you feel traction coming back and THEN turn the wheels. In this case the driver turned the wheels anyways….with a known conclusion

    • Marek

      My guess is that either he did not listen to his co-driver, or the co-driver made a mistake and either called a wrong corner or called it too late.

  • Nate Stauring

    I think he zigged when he should’ve zagged…

  • Michelle

    No brakes please, just take the corner at 150mph

    • Michelle

      60mph *

  • Michelle

    No brakes please, just take the corner at 150mph

  • guy

    Porsche gonna take bath

  • Sue

    Was that fool standing there actually looking at his cell phone???? REALLY!???? With a car in the water after an accident like that and he’s LOOKING AT HIS CELL PHONE?


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