Why We Still Love The Toyota Supra After 20 Years At The Top

Toyota's iconic sports car just turned 20, we take a look at its illustrious life
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The Toyota Supra is potentially the icon of car culture. First introduced to the world in 1978, the Celica Supra was built to fight Datsun’s Z cars on the forecourts. The second and third generations moved the game on for Toyota, competing on track in the British Saloon Car Championship as well as Group A rally events.

But the reason we’re putting the candles on the cake is because 20 years ago, at the 1993 Chicago Motor Show, Toyota unveiled the Mk4 Supra. This was the car that really caught the imagination of petrolheads worldwide. Released during the Japanese sports car market’s golden age, its competition included such notable vehicles as the Nissan 300ZX, Mazda RX-7, Honda NSX and Mazda MX-5. These cars had established themselves as the cream of the crop, but Toyota patiently held on to the new Supra, until they knew they could build something that would kill the opposition.

Image via mrwallpaper.com

Image via mrwallpaper.com

The design moved away from the boxy lines of its predecessors, preferring bulging curves more reminiscent of the 2000GT sports car of the ’60s. One of the defining features was the massive rear spoiler, which is still mimicked by aftermarket manufacturers today. Despite the flared arches and curvaceous styling, the new car’s dimensions were smaller than the outgoing car, and it shed 100kgs for the reboot too.

Under the bonnet, customers had a choice between a naturally-aspirated or turbocharged 3.0-litre unit JZ-series straight six, with 220bhp or 326bhp respectively. The little sports car from Japan now had its rivals running scared – even 911s were left behind. The modified community continues to fettle the 2JZ engine, with some managing an incredible 2000bhp.


The Mk4 proved to be the most successful motorsport Supra, competing in a variety of events including Pikes Peak and Le Mans, as well as the All-Japan GT Championships in which it wore the famous Castrol livery.

So on your 20th birthday we salute you, Mk4 Toyota Supra! Your outrageous styling and supercar-baiting performance will always be adored.

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  • Nikita Rushmanov

    All hail the supra!

  • Brian Lee

    I love the Supra! I don’t want Toyota to stop making this awesome car!!!!

    • Rayne

      They already have, dipshit.

      • Brian Lee

        Dang it!!!!

  • Jovani Marcus Matos

    Um Brian they stopped in 1998 lol…

    • Rich Noble

      they actually stopped the whole production of supras in 2002 in 1998 they stopped for the U.S.

  • Chris Chapman

    Competing with the MX-5? Really?

    • Avelin Canela

      The MX-5 has a lot of potential, in the weight, and handling category.

  • Silvia

    Silvia all the way! Nissan gang!

  • soot addiction

    I love my mk3 it really is impressive for a 7mgte motor

  • turbo2jzt

    best car ever made

  • matthew

    i loved the look of the mk3 over the mk 4

  • Daniel

    Waited until the last 3 seconds to see that thing take off, worth it

  • Shane

    Just sold my MKIII, Was a nice car, just not practical for family life. Someday… MKIV will be mine.


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