Why Bonnet Surfing At 70mph? Because Russia

This is what an improvising Russian hitch hiker looks like
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'Can you take me home? I'm too drunk to drive'

‘Can you take me home? I’m too drunk to drive’

Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to present a world first for Russia. This is the first time an incident has been filmed without using a dashboard camera! Apparently, Russians have mobile phones with cameras attached too…

OK, so we’re exaggerating a touch, but the video content is classic ‘made in Russia’. Here we have what looks like a confused hitchhiker or maybe an insurance scam gone wrong.

Practicing his best Superman impression, this Russian clings on for dear life on the bonnet of this Mk1 Ford Focus.

The driver's clearly worried that the bonnet surfer will then cling onto his house for accomodation

The driver’s clearly worried that the bonnet surfer’s next plan is to cling onto his house for accommodation

While we remain baffled about how this scene actually came about, a word of advice: stick to the passenger seat or take a bus instead.


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