When Motorbikes Brake Check Cars, It Always Ends Badly

If you too would like to brake check the idiot tailgating you, a motorbike isn't a suitable vehicle for the job
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We all hate being tailgated, so one way motorists combat offenders is by brake checking them. The idea is to brake sharply and then continue driving, which scares the tailgater into submission. Or that’s the idea, at least.

It’s a manoeuvre not to be used by a car driver, let alone a vulnerable motorcyclist. But this is Russia – home of the gun-touting, car crashing, daredevil driver. Rules do not apply here.

The moment of impact

The moment of impact

Which is why the biker in the clip cuts in front of this driver on a motorway and starts to brake check like crazy. It seems like he’s trying to get the car to stop completely so he can have a little chat. The final brake check is so violent, however, that the car slams into the back of the bike, sending the rider off his two wheels and into the distance.

'Hope my car's OK...'

‘Hope my car’s OK…’

In the spirit of Russian motoring, the car driver then gets out of his ride to check that everything’s OK. With his car.


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  • Sean Cassidy

    Love the way he checks the front of his car before going to the biker’s aid

    • Shane

      Looked more like he was going to kick the biker in the nuts.. That was not the walk of a concerned man.

  • Somebody mad

    I would have punched that drivers face in for that behaviour… :@

    • Murphy’s Law

      for what??? Driving down the road and being cut off then repeatedly brake checked by a dick on a bike? I would have drove OVER that fucker…

      • IHM

        Again… I am guessing you know what was going on before the video? You KNOW the driver in the car never did that to him and the rider was NOT AT ALL doing it in return? I mean after all people on bikes get insanely mad over nothing and ride like that all the time right? Murphy’s Law? What an ironic tag for a moron.

        • wut

          So basically what you’re saying is because the biker is acting like a cunt obviously the car driver acted like a cunt first? No. The amount of bikers that do that kind of shit on the road is ridiculous the driver should have flattened him into the tarmac.

          • mlah

            Law is law, what YOU THINK happened doesn’t change anything that ACTUALLY HAPPENED. Whether he brake checked in retaliation is irrelevant. He made a stupid arrogant decision and paid the price for it.

  • Mark

    Stupid motorcyclist lmao! The Russian checks his car first doesn’t care about the guy lying on the floor hahah

  • Wolvee

    I love that he checked out his own car first. Priceless.

    • Candy

      lOl as if you wouldn’t check your own car first, fuck the rider if he thinks he can brake check a car!

    • ryan banks

      was about to say the same thing!

  • David Lowry

    that poor motorcycle, i hope the rider is alright. fuck the guy and his car!!

    • fred

      the guy on the bike was being a dick first. had it coming

      • IHM

        Yes… you can tell because what was going on before the video started your interwebz telepathy took care of. Your ability is off the chart bro!

    • Name

      Nah dude. I’m a full time biker, and if you act like that on the road you deserve to get hit. It’s a danger to EVERYONE. And is purely reckless riding.

  • Me

    Surely the car is in the wrong lane. And stopping in the fast lane is a bad idea too!

  • Patrick Bereznicki

    this car driver is a real idiot why don’t he drive on the right side? thats why the motocyclist breaks in front of him !

    • Jack Mahogov

      actually, the motorcyclist is a retard for even brake checking a car in the first place. bikes don’t have bumpers like cars do, and certainly don’t have good protection. Bikers need to calm the fuck down and realize they are on death machines and cannot hurt a car driver by brake checking, only their own dumbass selves

      • Steve

        It’s ignorant fuktards like you that are usually the type that drive like this car driver. I hope with your attitude you lose your licence before you kill a biker.

        • N/A

          You’ve just been voted “Dumbass of the Week”. Enjoy it, you earned it.

        • Brian Thompson

          Guy in the car is responsible now for this accident and the biker gets a new bike now.

          • tony

            Clearly he is dangerously driving, some lady break checked my friend when they were going about 80km/h, he smashed his car into hers, but because of witnesses she got the entire blame, and he got a new car.

  • James

    Has anyone taken a second to THINK….maybe something happened before the recording started/edited.

    • Eslm

      Either way it was dumb to try and brake check a car, did he really expect that to end well??

    • DK Son

      Of course something happened before what we saw…. but that bit of video was probably cut out, never to be seen again….. and it’s all about what you can prove right? So without anything else against the driver, it’s his video footage against the motorcyclist, who was in the wrong.

      Also, motorcyclist knew it was Russia….. shoulda known what would happen.

  • quinton

    Dashcam ftw.

  • Zak Lea


    • Zippopotamus

      The only lesson I’m being taught here is that you’re ignorant. First off, we are riders, not bikers. We don’t ride stupid Harleys and have ugly old women in far-too-tight clothing on our back seats. Secondly, don’t include us all in the whole “you don’t own the road” crap because most of us aren’t stupid enough to brake check anyone. Most of us ride VERY defensively.

      • Jim Mason

        Damn straight. I’m not suicidal. To survive on a bike you have to ride defensively, or as one of my buddies says: “Ride like everyone on the road is trying to kill you.”

        • Steve Hobgoblin Schofield

          Yeah and one day I shall succeed mwahahaha :D seriously though agreed. I know people in emergency services who call bikers/riders organ donors. You don’t want it going wrong out there. This biker was being stupid even if (as seems likely) the car driver did something to piss him off. Flick him the Vs give him the finger make wanker signs at him whatever then ride off. Even a burst of ‘you will never be this awesome’ acceleration would be better than this stupidity.

          • I8URMOM

            Honestly, I would have just smashed his side mirror haha. But yeah, stupid rider… And the guy in the car didn’t even try stopping…

    • Brian Thompson

      Car driver is now responsible for the accident. The car as seen hit the motorcyclist regardless of how the biker was driving. Now the biker gets a new bike. Most likely was what he was in hopes of happening.

      • Steve Hobgoblin Schofield

        Not true. The video shows the biker braking after overtaking and other dangerous maneuvers. whatever else may have happened the biker clearly causes this crash and that is exactly why so many Russians have these cameras.

  • dude

    instead of saying one is the idiot over the other how bout say they both are idiots lol. biker brake checking a car and dude obviously hitting the biker

    • Zippopotamus

      I don’t think you can really blame the car driver for hitting the other guy when a car has much less braking power to weight ratio than a car. Bike stop much quicker than cars. Period. Motorcyclists should NEVER brake check anyone.

      • Zippopotamus

        Much less than a bike, I mean.

      • Jim Mason

        Actually that’s not true. Cars stop faster than motorcycles in the majority of cases. Cars have anti-lock breaks and more rubber on the road. Common misconception though. I always try to leave a good amount of room between me and the car in front of me on my bike, especially on the heavier ones.

      • Kleave

        The only way you think that bikes can stop faster than cars is you’ve never rode one. That’s all. Cars are typically 3-5 times the weight of a bike but have UPWARDS of 8x the amount of surface area or “contact patch” on the road.

        You were right saying bikes should never brake check ANYONE though. That’s a special kind of stupid.

  • bob the guy who posted this

    if your an intelligent motorcycle rider, you dont brake check cars.

  • OaklandBoy91

    That guy is the biggest douche. I’d run like hell to help out the biker because they were going pretty damn fast…

  • Logan

    Anyone notice the truck driver thats running to the motorcyclist aid no matter how stupid the motorcyclist is that guys a good guy.

  • Ryan Morrison

    Why should he check the rider’s ok? He was acting like a nob and its his own damn fault.

  • cyb117

    if that guy in the car did something to deserve being stopped i would have just followed him to wherever he was going and then confronted him

  • Physiks

    Here in Michigan, Guys riding these bikes always think they’re the king of the road. Just goes to show that Motorcyclists should be way more considerate than a person driving a car. They’re gonna be the ones that end up getting hurt, no matter the situation.

  • Andrew Simmons

    Car blatantly hit the bike on purpose. Both were dicks.

  • From Kyoto

    That motorcycle driver…deserve it.

  • Col_Angus

    Steps after this: relax, check car, open trunk, grab baseball bat, go medieval.

  • fuck cagers



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