Watching This Crazy, Bad Guy Biker Will Fill You With Rage

If you're a motorbike rider (even if you're not), prepare to hate this guy instantly...
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Picture 7

You’ll remember a few weeks ago we brought you a video of a motorbike rider who sandwiched himself in between two HGVs. He was weaving between free-flowing traffic at what looks like 50mph. Today’s biker video makes the sandwiched Brit look like he’s still riding on stabilisers.

The video below – filmed on a helmet camera while on the streets of Brazil – shows this biker riding in between gridlocked traffic at what looks like bursts of 70mph.

Picture 6

He revs the engine of his 600cc Yamaha XJ6, beeps his horn frantically and shouts his way through traffic like a mad man. When, predictably, he’s stopped in his tracks by a van driver (0:40) the biker complains that the driver didn’t indicate. At 03:20 he almost flies into the rear of an Alfa that brakes suddenly. The rest of the footage is just as insane.This guy, then, is a complete and utter liability…

Video 1

Of course, not all bikers are bad guys…

Video 2

Thanks for the bad guy biker link, suat_yakut!

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  • SilviaS13

    That asshole has balls tho


    Second video doesn’t work…

    • autoalex

      Thanks, I’ll get this fixed now!

    • autoalex

      Now fixed with working YT video.

  • Nikita Rushmanov

    This is what happens when you watch too much ghost rider

  • Mason Delaney

    Shoots out a piston, kills the guy

  • JZX

    Wow. He might be an asshole but he’s got balls of steel.

  • Mickey Jizzle

    A dirty great arse… with balls. Is this a medical first?

  • Kayan Karreira

    Video 1 from Brazil :D

  • Callum Roberts

    i thought he was abit of a lad tbf ;L

  • Riju

    “At 03:20 he almost flies into the rear of an Alfa that breaks suddenly”
    Breaks ? Seems to be running fine to me :P

    • benni

      it’s an alfa, it’ll break at any moment.

    • autoalex

      Lapse in concentration, I’m afraid. Now fixed…the spelling, not the broken Alfa ;)

  • Eric

    Lol this is actually perfectly normal and legal in Brazil. And the guy it looks like he’s yelling at, He’s actually just reminding him in a friendly manner to use his turn signal cause he could have hit him. If you look after their done they shake hands before his zooms off. I’ve actually done this before with my cousin when we were in Brazil and its alot of fun and a crazy adrenalin rush. (we weren’t going as fast as this guy though. dudes got balls.) But yeah, he’s not being a Dick really, that’s just the ways it is over there.

    • Dennis Girard


    • john

      oooh, so your all idiots! I see.

      • Erik

        You can’t call someone an idiot when you don’t know the proper form of you’re to use…

        • MK

          “If you look after their done”

  • TehFelipe

    He’s known as ‘Tiozão’ by the brazilians. He used to work to a famous singer that died earlier this year. If you search through his videos, you’ll see that he had a bigger Honda CB 1000R, and he was just as crazy as in this video. If you want to take a look on what a mad man is capable of, search for ‘kle621′ on YouTube.

  • Eric


  • Supraaaah!

    I’ve seen crazier Russian motorcyclists on youtubes :)

  • MirukiHazard

    watched it, wasn’t filled with rage at all.
    Was entertained even.
    I think you guys are being a little too uppity on this one

    • Dennis Girard


  • Dennis Girard

    You obviously do not speak Portuguese, or understand the BRASILIAN culture… Its much different there… Why don’t you stick to languages you understand and culture you are a part of !!!!!

  • fred t

    this is normal in the south.
    I come from venezuela. This guy is just like many others down there.
    In fact, if you (car driver) hit a motorcycle guy, you are in big trouble. They are all “friends” looking out for each other. Harm one, and the rest will harm you.

  • Antonio Araujo

    As a Brazilian that lives in North America, I understand why you think he is an idiot, the guy in the video is nice (I guess I speak the language fluently) in brazil this is not legal to to bit it one those illegal things that people started doing out of necessity, in this particular video you can notice the traffic in São Paulo is really bad, they have had 130 km(80 mi.) of traffic jams this has been happening for so long cops don’t waste their time trying to stop it, in Brazil I had a friend visiting from the states, and I actually took him to do that and he loved it, he wanted to do it again… I think that’s the thing you wish you could do it here… Anyway, in brazil he is only considered and idiot if he as he drive through the hallways(that’s how we call the space between the cars) breaking people’s rear side mirrors and scratching their cars… Some food for thought.. The alfa he was saying that he like the car and thought it was pretty, and he jokes saying: “just cause i complimented you are going to take me down?” , you can notice at the end of the video how many of them are on the hallway, just to finish one other thing that happens there, people are so used to this that a car driver if he notices that a motorcycle is behind him and can’t go through the hallway he would actually move to give him space to do so, it has happened to me. I’m just glad and don’t have to put my life in danger doing that in brazil to survive making $635 Reais (about $300 dollaras) a month to feed me and my family… Cheers!

  • Jad

    This is nothing… Come to Lebanon, you find guy’s like this who are doing it going the wrong way, ignoring traffic lights and jumping on sidewalks at times… this is tame

  • Brett

    I split lanes like this in traffic daily in LA? Hes under control. not a big deal. Why is everyone hating so much.????? Assholes.

    • john

      I guess you will understand someday after you get hit. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should or that it is safe. Dumb ass…..

      • Chad

        No dumb shit. If car drivers actually pay attention, there’s no reason for a man on a motorcycle to ever get hit. Between cars is one of the safest places. If a motorcycle simply sits in traffic, he’s very vulnerable to being rear-ended, which most wont survive. Try to rear end a bike in between cars.

  • krock

    If i tell ya that i live in brazil, and if i say to you that if you’re a biker and running through the corridor” you MUST use your horn at all times” believe me it is in the traffic laws

  • Craig Murphy

    Whatever, he go home in 4 minutes instead of an hour. I see nothing wrong here.

  • Meeve

    you guys are just mad because the guy will get home before you do!!

  • brodude

    Someone’s been playing too much GTA.

  • Juliel Veras


  • Poop

    That knobhead will be on a different type of wheels if he’s not carefull!!

  • Brenno


  • Ian

    Yeah… I’d rather do this than sit in that traffic. Call me an asshole or call me whatever you want but I hate staring at someone’s tail lights.

  • gsx

    that’s how you ride a motorcycle in latin america you should learn!

  • turbo2jzt

    Love how he rev’s the motor to let people know he is coming, as the saying goes you will here the bike before you see him. Bike sounds sick also

  • turbo2jzt

    everyone is complaining but doesnt realize that all the other bikes are doing the same shit

  • brandont

    Video was sped up, relax.

  • Domdino

    Lovely chap, respect to him and I think some of you are just jealous cos u need to stand in the traffic when two wheelers dont care obout it :)

  • Anthoni

    Camaro at 2:04 hard to spot but its there

  • James Edward Nethercoat

    Moron. And another thing, why are bikers the only people that think it’s cool to bounce their motor off the limiter constantly? Just so you know, it makes you look like a knob.

  • Rocky Raccoon

    Next to Texans Brazilians are the worlds worst drivers.

  • Kiz

    When he finally does get it wrong…it’s gonna hurt!

  • smartacus

    i don’t know, i kind of liked the video.
    Now that i think of it; i did like the video so i watched it again.

  • Mathias Hermansen


  • Manes

    é mike 9 milímetros,seu otário,não morre tão facilmente assim hahahaha translate it by yourself

  • conrad

    yeh hopefully just killing himself

  • chupabola

    mike? outro jumento burro Fdp e Kle621 nao sabe nao fala!

  • Rocky Raccoon

    seu cu fdp! voce e viado!

  • Dust

    F***ers like you deserve to be in jail for murder.


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