Watching This Audi 200 Quattro Launch With Anti-Lag Is A Beautiful Sight

Here's a classic Audi every car nut would love in their garage. The ultimate sleeper?
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Picture 31

Anti-lag systems in retro German cars are something we’re all very fond of. You just have to look at the popularity of this savage E30 Turbo if proof were ever needed. And while it’s nice to see a six-cylinder spit flames while it’s damaging your ears, there’s nothing quite like the sound and sight of a 20-valve turbo launching from standstill. Especially if said Audi carries the following modifications…

Picture 30

With all this in place, and with boost running a cool 23psi on E85 fuel, this 200 T produces a claimed 400awhp (approx 530hp at the crank according to the owner).

Picture 32

With so much power on tap from the word go, the Audi scrubs all of its four tyres on the tarmac on launch, as you can see in the video. Speaking of which…


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  • Thijs Visser

    My V-Tec just kicked in yo…………… something like that -.-”

  • Daniel Busker

    its still an audi so he is still an asshole

    • Kyle Privette

      But this isn’t a BMW.

      • Daniel Busker

        you know that all the assholes in BMW’s switched to Audi’s because they didn’t like it that they were known as assholes and only real BMW fans still drive BMW’s

        • Nathan Anderson

          and the real Audi fans deal with all the shit they get for driving an audi

        • That GUy

          but THE POINT IS its not a BMW.

    • cuatrokoop

      Wow….you don’t even know the owner, yet you call him an asshole. So, who’s the real asshole? Hint…he isn’t an asshole. All car marques have assholes who own them and asshole drivers, because sadly, there are many many assholes in the world, and not just the actual ones that everyone who is anatomically correct has.

      • Daniel Busker

        welcome to the internet buddy

  • Albert Herd

    dat sound..

  • Lucho

    That´s a five cilinder engine, not six

  • Lucho

    It´s a five cylinder, not six.

    • autoalex


    • Podgehog

      They’re talking about the BMW video referring to the 6 spitting flames

  • Jeremy

    I love my Audi 200 20vt Avant! I’ve got about the same mods but without the vems and I’m on 630cc’s :P

  • JeremyC

    What’s 0-60?

  • Michael Nieuwstadt

    supra fan so here it goes, your car has a long way to catch up

    • titties roman

      your car is a purpose built sports car, calm yourself

      • Michael Nieuwstadt

        strange i dont ever remember writing that comment, lol

    • The D.

      I’d love to see a street driven Supra hook that hard and launch. You guys need to learn about suspension tuning and not just “stance”

  • JordanJ

    Anti-lag is not used on launch, that is a 2-step rev limiter

    • Shane

      Rev limited can be used as anti-lag and launch control. Bee*R for example.

  • The D.

    PLEASE race this car against a Supra and shut these fools up. I like all cars, but when the owners of certain cars get this air of superiority it makes me want to puke.

  • Kuma

    To each their own. I LOVE this car. Nick has made this tank roll so easily, and all the mods are tasteful and not just some gimmicky crap.

  • Mertcan Ozcelik

    Very cool car

  • footwork?

    suspension upgrades!!!….. i like watching it sag though


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