Watch This Classic F1 Car’s Dramatic Flip At The Corkscrew

This classic F1 car driver has a lucky escape at Laguna Seca's infamous Corkscrew corner...
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Racing driver Dan Marvin emerged unscathed after a terrifying crash that saw his classic Brabham BT44 F1 car flip over at Laguna Seca’s formidable Corkscrew corner.


Marvin was taking part in a historic race a few weeks ago when his car made contact with the Williams of Charlie Nearburg, flipping over and sliding down the Corkscrew. Props to Nearburg for stopping on track and helping his fellow racer; fortunately both were uninjured.


It could have been much, much worse for Marvin if the accident had happened at higher speeds. If you watch closely, the airbox of the BT44 completely crumples on impact. This leaves him in a vulnerable position, with his helmet scraping along the ground – if it had been at higher speed we could have witnessed a tragedy.


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  • Leonid Solomodenko

    no guts no corners…

  • David Girgis

    walked away? bitch please.

  • Jigs J Sharma

    Is the car ok? i saw it landed on the humans head…


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