Watch This Bugatti Driver Leave His Veyron ‘Engine On’ In London

This brave Bug driver popped into a shop with the keys still in the ignition...
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Bugatti abandoned in london while still running

Picture the scene: it’s a hot day, you’re parched, and so you make a quick pit stop to refuel. In your haste to quench your thirst, you leave the keys in the ignition with the engine running. That’s usually safe enough to do with an average car, but it takes a very brave stupid soul to do this with a £1m Bugatti Veyron in Central London.

The key's in the ignition but the driver's not in his seat

The key’s in the ignition, but the driver’s not in his seat

Amazingly, that’s what the Arab owner of this W16-engined monster did. Fortunately for him though, the car wasn’t ‘lifted’ during the three minute period it was left alone for. We assume potential thieves were deterred by onlookers. Either that, or the supercar’s ‘Essex tan’ interior colour scheme…


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  • Lawrence Head

    Firstly, they’re used to doing stuff like that in the middle east – if you nick it and get caught, bye bye hands. Secondly, it’s not like anyone could actually drive off in Central London, it’s barely moving at the best of times.

  • Riley Schatz

    Not to stupid, how far could someone actually get in a stolen Bugatti? Not the worlds most popular/subtle car..

  • Bark?n

    How come a car in london survive with a dubai plate?
    i know cars being stopped by the cops because the car has a swiss/german plate (turkey btw)

    • Bob’s your uncle

      You can drive any car from any country as long as it has rego/mot insurance and all of that stuff … after they run out the car is illegal in the uk


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