Watch This 1200HP Twin-Turbo Aventador Hit Veyron-Nuking Speed

This 1200hp Aventador will hit 60mph in 2.2sec. Watch it in action
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The best thing about power-crazed tuners Underground Racing is that they leave their cars looking totally stock. This Lamborghini Aventador has UR’s new twin-turbo conversion bolted on the back, turning up the heat from the 6.5-litre V12 from 691bhp to nearly 1200bhp. That’s Veyron Super Sport pace, y’all…


But wait, the Lambo is way lighter than a Veyron – about 400kg better off in fact. That’s why this Aventador trashes the Bug: 0-60mph in 2.2sec within four tenths of an F1 car off the line. Holy crap. The cost? £97k, plus your £253,200 stock Lamborghini.

Underground have been at the 1200bhp game with Gallardos for a while now. Check out the video of world’s fastest Gallardo vs the driver’s unsuspecting mum below…

One question: why aren’t these monsters in the new Fast and Furious movie?!

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  • Jared

    That is not the worlds fastest Gallardo… Just some rich kids toy.

    • Guest

      you’re right, its an aventador you idiot

      • Guest

        He is talking about the second video, idiot.

      • nikka


    • Guest2

      Not the fastest but no need to mock someone because they have a better fortune than you..

  • Brick

    *boring*. Just Numbers. Someone saw a high HP Lambo wich didnt break after 500 Miles? It’s just for the show/dyno.

  • Steve

    Jared probably drives a 1300cc starlet lol jealousy is ugly innit?


    not nice robert…


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